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This hilarious Twitter account shows Trump drawing kids pics

Well, it's better than those executive orders

This hilarious Twitter account shows Trump drawing kids pics
01 February 2017

It’s the simple ideas that are the best.

How, exactly, do we react to the ongoing spectacle of President Donald Trump seemingly riding roughshod over basic human rights and decency? He’s democratically elected, he holds the power and, currently, it seems like nothing can stop him.

But we humble citizens do have some ways to respond: through organisation, such as the many marches that have taken place around the world since his inauguration; and through humour, especially ridicule.

And this quite brilliant Twitter account does it superbly. It’s straightforward: replace footage of Donald Trump signing one of his executive orders with him proudly displaying a drawing that he’s spent ages doing.

To be fair to Donnie, he’s done really well with some of them. Gold star for you: who’s a good boy then? Yes you can go out to play in the sandpit later.