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Just 13 amazing photos of David Beckham from the royal wedding

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Just 13 amazing photos of David Beckham from the royal wedding
21 May 2018

So we all said we weren’t going to bother tuning in. 

Because who cares about a Royal Wedding anyway? The concept of a hereditary monarchy is an outdated concept in these enlightened times and it’s a waste of public money and then oh well there’s nothing else on telly on a Saturday morning and then someone texts you to say Beckham is there and he’s looking amazing and oh well I may as well turn it on and oh look there’s the Clooneys and Serena Williams and here comes Meghan looking lovely and that pastor guy’s speech was genuinely really quite inspirational and there’s a gospel choir and a legit ridiculously brilliant cellist and oh would you believe it I’ve actually gone and watched the whole wedding haven’t I.

But while the sermon was great, the happy couple looked so very happy and everyone had a nice old day out in the sun, there was no doubt who the real star of the wedding was: Mr David Robert Joseph Beckham OBE.

Somehow, he keeps getting better looking.

As ever, some Twitter users summed it up for us all:

Do not be ashamed of your love for David Beckham. Just simply admire him and realise you will never wear a suit and shades this well and just accept that. Embrace it. He is the best of us so that we don’t have to be.

And so, without further ado; some beautiful, beautiful images.














And a bonus ‘Becks and Harry’ pic:

Too much handsomeness for one photo right there.

(Images: Getty)