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David Attenborough is presenting an epic new Netflix nature series called ‘Our Planet’

It took 600 people four years to film this epic show - and it looks set to ruffle feathers

David Attenborough is presenting an epic new Netflix nature series called ‘Our Planet’
09 November 2018

Filmed over four years in 50 countries around the world by more than 600 members of crew, Netflix’s Our Planet – presented by Sir David Attenborough – will very soon become your new nature docuseries obsession.

The ridiculously ambitious 4K-filmed, eight-part show, which is a Netflix collaboration with Silverback Films and WWF, will transport viewers from the remote Arctic wilderness and mysterious deep oceans to the vast landscapes of Africa and jungles of South America. It also looks set to be the most overtly ‘political’ work that Attenborough has done so far, with a focus on climate change, overfishing and deforestation.

In addition, the series will be available on the same day around the world, “in an attempt to influence governments”, according to The WWF’s Colin Butfield, who served as an executive producer on the project.

“The [Our Planet] project – the largest of its kind ever attempted – will take viewers into never-before-filmed wilderness areas from the ice caps and deep ocean to deserts and remote forests, introducing them to the most precious species and places that must withstand the impact of humanity so generations to come can enjoy the bounties of the natural world,” Netflix said in a statement.

Our Planet will take viewers on a spectacular journey of discovery showcasing the beauty and fragility of our natural world,” Attenborough said as the series was announced on Thursday, according to The Guardian.

Sir David is presenting the new Netflix show

“Today we have become the greatest threat to the health of our home but there’s still time for us to address the challenges we’ve created if we act now. We need the world to pay attention.”

Our Planet will inspire millions of people around the world by showcasing the planet’s most precious species and most fragile habitats through a visionary series and cutting-edge multimedia storytelling,” added Butfield. 

“At this critical time for global conservation we are honored to work with Silverback and Netflix on this completely unique collaboration.”

“I’ve never seen a natural history series that combines real stuff you’ve never seen before but that always has a really, really great narrative in each episode. It’s not at all preachy, it’s spectacular mass public entertainment, but by the end you are absolutely aware of the challenge of climate change and overfishing and deforestation.”

“I can’t think of a better platform that will reach that many people at the same time,” he continued. “For this particular one it’s all about having that global moment. It’s hard to get a programme on lots of national broadcasters at the same time. Whether it’s London or Delhi or Rio or Washington, we want it out at exactly the same time.”


And even though the nonagenarian naturalist Sir David is having it away with Netflix nowadays, he’ll be back on the Beeb this Sunday with his new five-part nature series Dynasties.

Our Planet will air on 5 April, 2019.

(Images: Netflix)