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There's a dating event solely for bearded men (and those that wish to meet them)

Forget double dating, here's... stubble dating

There's a dating event solely for bearded men (and those that wish to meet them)
08 February 2018

Are you a hairy, rugged gentleman, a dashingly furry rogue whose jawline has never seen the sun, who is recognisable solely by silhouette due to the massiveness of his magnificent facial hair, yet one who has never found that special someone to lovingly caress his handsome clumps of chin-hay?

Or, are you someone who would like to find someone who answered yes to that question, and clamber romantically all over them?

Either way, you’re in luck this Valentine’s Day, as long as you live in the Midlands and aren’t at work. A hairies-only pop-up dating booth named Bearded Attraction will inhabit Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester on February 13 between 11am and 2pm. That’s perfect timing for a loveless beard-head to find a Valentine’s date.

The events is being put together by Mo Bros, a beard grooming and facial hair accessories company. They did a pop-up beard stroking event at Christmas, where shoppers could de-stress by stroking big beards. They might just have loads of hairy mates who are out of work.

Three groups of men - those looking for ladies, those looking for men and those after either - will have their furry faces fondled by strangers looking for love, but only their beards will be visible - it isn’t clear on how the rest of them will be obscured, but some kind of sack might be involved. And then, following an inevitably-heartbreaking elimination process, Hairy Harry gets a date.

Mo Bros founder Keval Dattani says:

“While bearded men tend to be popular with the ladies, we know that sometimes people can need a little helping hand when it comes to dating – especially around Valentine’s Day when it can be lonely for singletons. That’s why we’ve launched the Bearded Attraction pop-up, to do our best to make sure there’s not a ‘Mo Bro’ without a date on the most romantic day of the year!”

If you fit the bill, apply on the Mo Bros site