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Cutting edge electric shavers

Upgrade your existing hardware

Cutting edge electric shavers
30 November 2010

Movember is at an end. Still sporting a mo' that Merv Hughes himself would be proud of? Prune that bad boy or blade it clean off with the help of these top leccy-powered shavers...

Best for on-the-go grooming

Mobile Shave (M-90) £19.99 by BRAUN; Battery-operated, precision trimmer, Smart Foil system to catch unruly hairs growing in different directions, wide floating foil for a closer, more comfortable shave

Cutting edge electric shavers

Rechargeable Triple-Blade (ES-RT51–S511) £99 by PANASONIC; Three blades with 30-degree nano-edged inner blades, pivoting head, Wet & Dry system allows you to use it dry, wet and in shower

Best for sensitive skin

Senso Touch 3D (RQ1280) £270 (£200 for a limited period) by PHILIPS; GyroFlex 3D adjusts to curves of chin and face, three tracks with slots, channels and holes, smooth SkinGlide system minimises irritation

Cutting edge electric shavers

Titanium (360 R8150) £139.99 by REMINGTON; Three independent heads, two close-cut tracks on each blade with 21 low cutters to tackle stubble, titanium-coated blades 300 per cent harder than steel blades

Blow the budget

Series (7 790cc) £299.99 (£199.99 until 28 December) by BRAUN; Head oscillates at more than 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute, OptiFoil technology, Clean & Renew allows it to clean, lubricate, dry and charge itself