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The Crystal Maze and other surprisingly good style from nineties TV shows

Pepare to salute some nostalgic style icons

The Crystal Maze and other surprisingly good style from nineties TV shows

We all love a bit of nineties nostalgia and crave for days gone by, where we didn't have to buy our own clothes, pints cost £2 and and our job goal was to fight on Gladiators. So with the announcement that The Crystal Maze will soon be returning to our screens, we're looking back at some of the TV shows with such terrible style it bordered on being actually cool.

The Crystal Maze

It's just been announced that The Crystal Maze one-off special will have David Tennant as host. NOPE. Richard O'Brien is the one and only, and nostalgic nineties heads need his Pat Butcher-esque leopard print coat and super creepy voice back on the air.

TFI Friday

Is there anything more nineties than a brightly coloured roll neck jumper? The deep orange is made even more intense because it matches Chris Evans hair and walls, a possible camouflage technique to retreat from awkward interviews.

Kenan & Kel

Who loves orange soda? Apparently not Kenan, as he wouldn't speak to Kel for years after the show when trying to make a solo career. It's only recently that the two have gotten back on speaking terms, both now stating that they'd be up for a reunion show. Time to dig the retro streetwear out.


If you are losing hope in the world, just remember than the Chuckle Brothers don't have any historical sex abuse allegations against them and continue to entertain Britain with the timeless phrase that will never die - 'To me, to you'.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The most style relevant character to come out of the nineties that guys still emulate today, Will's cartoon prints and dungarees can be found in nearly every high street shop going.

Art Attack

This show was good, but did you ever make anything from it? Us neither, it was way too much effort to make a fully functioning spaceship from a paperclip and a box of Cornflakes.

Where is Neil Buchanan now you ask? He's rocking out at the age of 54 in heavy metal band Marseille. Yes, really.

Twin Peaks

If you haven't seen Twin Peaks before and are taking this out of context, it might seem weirder than it is. He isn't checking for plaque, this is Bob, a triple denim wearing apparition of a serial killer. See, not weird at all.

Noel's House Party

Before Noel literally made a TV show around opening boxes, he thrilled the nation every weekend by getting slimed in a tweed suit and running around with pink monster Mr Blobby. Actually, when you say it out loud, it doesn't sound that much better than opening boxes really.

Hey Arnold

Thought Arnold always wore a kilt? Wrong, it's just actually a longer length shirt. Not a nod to Scottish ancestry, just an east London hipster statement that will be returning in a brand Hey Arnold movie next year.

Saved by the Bell

Dustin Diamond has come along way since playing school geek Screech, but not in a good way, as he's spent time in prison this year for violating his parole terms from a bar brawl dating back to 2014. And he thought detention was bad...

Rupert the Bear

Winnie ain't got nothing on Rupert. Look at that, he's matching checked trousers with his scarf. Pooh bear doesn't even own underwear. Absolute disgrace.