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Cristiano Ronaldo has a new bust that looks a *little* more like him

Getting closer, lads

Cristiano Ronaldo has a new bust that looks a *little* more like him

Remember a year or two ago when there was a statue made of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Wait, it wasn’t a year or two ago - it was one of those things that feels ancient but actually happened this year. Seriously, March. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, a bust of Ronaldo’s head was unveiled, and it looked a bit like the Art Attack head.

People made memes, then they quickly forgot about it, no harm done.

Except now there’s a second Ronaldo bust, and, while it also doesn’t look that much like him, it doesn’t look much like him in a different way to the first one.

I mean, yes, it at least looks like the head of a real human person, but that person probably isn’t Cristiano Ronaldo.

It’s as if someone told the artist ‘Cristiano is a good-looking man’ and they responded by sculpting a generic good-looking man.

The result was…well you make your own minds up.

The new sculpture is the work of José Antonio Navarro Arteaga, who was compelled to create the likeness by his son, a fan of the Portuguese footballer. The project took Navarro Arteaga two weeks, according to El Mundo, and uses cast bronze.

There is certainly a resemblance, not least in the judgemental eyes of a man who has just seen a teammate go for goal when he was standing unmarked in the middle.

He’s not smiling, either, which feels more realistic than the toothy grin of the original.

That neck, though. No one has a neck that long, surely.

Maybe it’s been extendable this whole time without us realising – that would certainly explain why he’s so good in the air.

(Images: Rex Features/José Antonio Navarro Arteaga (Facebook))