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The very best memes of Cristiano Ronaldo's hilariously terrible statue

The internet has had a field day with this one

The very best memes of Cristiano Ronaldo's hilariously terrible statue

You’re no doubt aware that an airport on the very lovely Portuguese island of Madeira has been named after Cristiano Ronaldo  – a fitting tribute to the nation’s GOAT footballer, and one that he definitely didn’t hesitate to accept. 

It’s an immense honour to bestow upon a player who is still some way off retirement, but few would argue that ol’ Ronnie doesn’t deserve it. 

To top off the momentous occasion, the most prestigious Galactico in the game today also had his very own statue unveiled at the ceremony. And, as is something of a tradition with bronze effigies, it’s, well, hmmm. 

Difficult to know how a presumably very expensive sculpture of Cristiano Ronaldo – four-time Ballon d’Or winner, model of physical excellence, essentially a demigod in in his homeland – ended up bearing a closer resemblance to The Head from Art Attack, but here we are. Everyone had something to say about the statue (read our immediate reaction here), and its merciless meme-ification was an inevitability. 

Here are some of the best. 

The Photoshop crowd quickly realised that botched CR7 head also improved a number of iconic pop culture freezeframes. 

Reddit’s ComputerSpecialist had this:

Oh well. Third time lucky perhaps?