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These big lager brands have been excellently re-imagined as craft beers

Fosters is posh now, deal with it

These big lager brands have been excellently re-imagined as craft beers
15 August 2018

Nowt wrong with your Fosters or your Carlsbergs - like what you like, ain’t up to us which beer floats your boat - but it’s no lie to admit that they’re not exactly the most exciting of beers. Sure, great to have on a sunny day in a big field, but sometimes it’s nice to try something with a bit more flavour, a bit more fun, ain’t it?

And, regardless of your thoughts on the movement, the craft beer market definitely provides that. The big beer brands have all seen the money to be made in that area, too, by buying up craft breweries and selling the beers themselves.

But what, you may scream, would some of the most famous beers look like as craft? Obviously they aren't a patch on the best craft beers but it is interesting.

Well, thankfully, The Restaurant Choice have done the hard work for you, and have given three beers the hipster makeover. Check them out below:

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Would absolutely drink, would absolutely 10 out of 10 drink. Would, of course, absolutely 10 out of 10 drink them anyway, but they don’t half look very fancy in their new clothes, right?

And you? Thinking of making your own craft beer? Well, The designers have got some tips for the perfect branding, too:

1. Choose a big bold font and slap it across the whole label - go buckwild with letters, like a maniacal postman

2. You can opt for pastel, muted colours and go for an old letterpress/handmade style, or you can go full on technicolour fever dream. Depends on your beer, most likely - if it’s got goddamn raspberry in it then go neon, you wacky so-and-so!

3. Embrace your ‘craft’ textures - nice rough papers, matte labelling and embossed lettering all add a bit of a lo-fi, authentic feel. It’s time to do away with glossy and metallic finishes.

4. Come up with a memorable name. Like, the world is your oyster - it can be as long as you like, and can even have a swear word in it if you like, YOU ABSOLUTE, UNSTOPPABLE REBEL.

Happy brewing!

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(Images: The Restaurant Choice)