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Cool tracksuits that won’t make you look like a football hooligan

The tracksuit is back and bigger than ever

Cool tracksuits that won’t make you look like a football hooligan
09 September 2016

Tracksuits have had some negative connotations applied to them over the past few decades, mostly because its wearers were either Jeremy Kyle stars or horse-punching football thugs.

But now in 2016 the controversial style has been reclaimed and hailed as a seriously cool sportswear statement, with punk duo Slaves donning them on stage and Gucci even creating their own high fashion version.

So with the Nineties revival item now officially credible to wear again, we've rounded up a few of the best ones on the market. But be prepared for people to cross the street you're walking down for the first few weeks: the world might not be as ready for it as we are.

Le Coq Sportif

This clean tracksuit from Le Coq Sportif is from their Revival collection, which sees them exploring their archives and paying homage to their classic sporting styles, but updating them with a modern edge.



Got the Olympic bug? No, not all the STDs that are floating around the Village, we mean the love for all things sporting and patriotism. Sadly, Team GB doesn't have the coolest retro tracksuits, but the USA sure does.


Nasir Mazhar X Topman

Skepta loves him, Rihanna loves him, and now Topman does too, as the high street brand has just collaborated on a limited edition capsule collection with the grime designer on some avant-garde sportswear staples.



The New York skate brand isn't afraid to go big and bold with their designs and colours, and their new AW16 collection is no different, with a neon yellow tracksuit with reflective taping running down the arms and legs.



The Italian fashion house has turned the concept of the tracksuit being a casual sportswear item on its head by giving it a luxury makeover with a velvet texture and baroque inspired embroidery.


Young Lovers Club

Laurie Vincent, the guitarist from primal punk duo Slaves, loves tracksuits so much he went and made one himself. So next time you say you've got nothing to wear, you don't really have an excuse. Get the sewing kit out.



If you're looking for comfort above style with your tracksuit, then you've found it. This co-ord is cut from a super soft blend of wool and cashmere, which is what God would probably wear if he was hungover.