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Converse's latest Black Sabbath collaboration

Converse's latest Black Sabbath collaboration

Converse's latest Black Sabbath collaboration

Everyone has a pair of gig shoes: more tears than canvas, mismatched laces and covered in stains, they should have been retired from the mosh pit and festival tour long ago - and now Converse has a fitting replacement for them.

Collaborating with the lords of heavy metal for a third time, the latest Black Sabbath collection sees the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star model take a deliciously dark turn.

Two of the collection feature album artwork from the band's most iconic records: the eerie masked figure of Never Say Die adorns a black and gold hi-top, with the album's title stitched into the tongue.

The red skull of the impossibly-heavy Sabbath Bloody Sabbath features on a shoe that does a splendid job of capturing the mood of an album that was recorded in the dungeons of Clearwell Castle.

The third model (and our favourite), titled 'Black Sabbath Live', sees the one and only Ozzy feature prominently on the side canvas, throwing out peace signs to a crowd of baying mob.

Available from Converse retailers and their online store, these are just begging to get soaked in cheap beer and get scuffed up in a frantic crowd. And if you're still not convinced Black Sabbath deserves another shoe collaboration, here's a bunch of famous rock types telling you why you're wrong.

(Images: Converse)