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Here's your Champions League Final drinking game

Make the big match go with a bang (and a trip to A&E)

Here's your Champions League Final drinking game
02 June 2017

Champions League football! On telly! And it’s free(ish) to watch!

Yes the football season is reaching its “proper” end this Saturday as Real Madrid face Juventus in the Champions League final in Cardiff from 7.45pm (available for free on BT Sport's website, Youtube or BT Sport’s Showcase TV channel).

It promises to be a proper barnstormer of a final too, with best-in-the-world defence Juventus trying to repel the probably best-attack-in-the-world in Real. So like the proper irresponsible adults we are, we've created a drinking game to thoroughly ruin your weekend and get you in the true big match spirit.

Remember to drink responsibly folks. Try and have a pint or two of water at half-time too. This gets pretty grisly….

Here's the simple stuff, take a sip of your drink when….

There's a throw in.

There's a free kick.

There's a corner.

There's a goal kick.

Drink two fingers when….

Someone is yellow carded.

Ronaldo lines up one of those knuckleball free-kicks.

Someone makes a comment on Buffon’s age.

Someone makes a comparison between Dybala and Messi.

Take three fingers if…

Ronaldo lines up one of those knuckleball free-kicks… and it goes straight into the wall.

Someone tries to compare both Juve and Real’s ‘BBC’ contingents.

Someone refers to Juventus as “The Old Lady”.

Someone compares Marcelo and Dani Alves, full-back creators extraordinaire.

Someone mentions the Champions League is the one big trophy Buffon is missing. 

There's a goal. A proper goal. From open play. In regulation time.

There's a penalty given.

Four fingers if…

Ronaldo lines up one of those knuckleball free-kicks… and he scores?!

Someone makes calls Juventus, “The Bianconeri”

Higuain scores. Higuain. In a big game. Scores. In a final. Higuain.

There’s a red card.

There's a missed penalty.

The game goes to extra time.

Drink the entire duration of…

Any shot of a brooding Zidane.

Any stoppage due to a streaker/pitch invader

Down your whole drink if…

Sergio Ramos scores.

The game goes to a penalty shootout.

Ronaldo takes his shirt off.

Down your whole drink and another one if…

Sergio Ramos scores after the 75th minute.


Good luck. See you on the other side…

(Images: Rex)