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Captain America (and the dictionary) just schooled Piers Morgan on toxic masculinity

Where do you stand on papoose-gate?

Captain America (and the dictionary) just schooled Piers Morgan on toxic masculinity
16 October 2018

You’ve got to hand it to ol’ Piers Morgan, he knows how to come up with the exact worst take on every situation, without fail, every single time.

I really don’t need to get into him calling Emma Watson a ‘feminist fraud’ or that time he accused Beyoncé of ‘playing the race card’.

But his latest, unhinged drivel involves the actor Daniel Craig, who dared to carry his own baby in a papoose in public the other day. The 007 star, 50, was spotted with his one-month-old daughter in New York at the weekend.

‘But… but… he’s literally just a man walking around with his baby,’ I hear you confusedly mutter. You are correct but for Piers Morgan this signalled an unacceptable level of emasculation.

“Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond,” he tweeted.

Obviously, carrying a child has nothing to do with masculinity. 

Equally concerning is that, Piers doesn’t quite seem to understand that, like, Daniel Craig and James Bond are not, well, the same person. Daniel Craig’s an actor, mate. He plays Bond sometimes, but even if he was actually Bond, you’d want to assume Bond would carry his own child. Actually, maybe he wouldn’t, Bond is quite problematic and toxic in a lot of ways, juries out. 

But Daniel Craig? Not Bond and is carrying his child, as he very well should.

Basically, the whole internet piled in on Piers for being a ridiculous old curmudgeon – including Captain America actor Chris Evans.

“You really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to concern yourself with how another man carries his child,” Evans said. “Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside.”

And that wasn’t even the sickest burn. “Piers Morgan, we double checked the definition of emasculate. There’s nothing about being a load-sharing father to be found there,” said

Ooooof. You just got owned by the actual dictionary, my dude.

Here are some more excellent replies to leading anti-papoose campaigner Piers Morgan:

Piers, it’s literally just a man carrying his baby. There ain’t nothing more to it than that, buddy. You can go back to shouting at the students on University Challenge for wearing hoodies on TV or railing against that new-fangled rock and roll music. 

(Image: Marvel)