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Gary Lineker completely owned Piers Morgan on Twitter after England’s World Cup win

Bad luck Piers

Gary Lineker completely owned Piers Morgan on Twitter after England’s World Cup win
25 June 2018

One of the enduring triumphs of Twitter is the way it’s able to pit two celebrities against each other who would never otherwise meet. You know the sort of thing - Barry Chuckle debating energy policy with Boris Johnson or something (has that happened yet? If not, then it should).

Of course, the fact that everyone on Twitter is just a click away from being contacted is one of its strengths - and also a major weakness - as it also allows for trolling and abuse.

The two things come together, however, in the case of Gary Lineker and Piers Morgan, with the unlikely duo constantly having arguments on Twitter, over anything and everything.

Of course, we say ‘argument’, but in reality it usually consists of Morgan trolling Lineker over something and being completely in the wrong/deliberately winding him up - then Lineker schooling him in a glorious fashion, which is always good to watch (even though Morgan loves it too, his entire modus operandi being to be simply to gain publicity, however it’s achieved).

And they were at it again, with Lineker divulging one of his nice World Cup stats - which so happened to relate to one of his achievements:

This was enough for Morgan to bite:

Now, it probably was a humblebrag. But wouldn’t you humblebrag? We would.

And Lineker wasn’t going to take it lying down.

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Beef now well and truly underway, Piers went with a low blow:

But Lineker pulled off a true mic drop with this:

Lineker has never shied away from one of his most infamous moments on a football pitch - when he was ill during a game and soiled himself on the pitch during the first England match at Italia ‘90, a 0-0 draw against Ireland.

With the entire footballing world finding the tweet utterly hilarious, Piers never stood a chance. Of course, with an ego that big, he couldn’t let it lie:

Only 43 retweets Piers? Not great.

Lineker 1-0 Morgan.

He wasn’t finished there either, with Lineker updating his famous quote - “Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win” - in the aftermath of Germany’s incredible last-minute 2-1 win against Sweden on Saturday night.

Piers decided to take mock offence:

Lineker 2-0 Morgan.

Gary also decided to explain his choice of language in another tweet:

Fair enough right?

And there was even time for a third act, with Morgan tweeting Lineker as Harry Kane dispatched the first of two penalties against Panama in England’s World Cup match on Sunday afternoon.

Lineker 3-0 Morgan.

Hard to argue with this isn’t it Piers?

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