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Medieval historians shared their favourite 'crap miracles' on Twitter and it was hilarious

From magic cheese to trouts of unusual size

Medieval historians shared their favourite 'crap miracles' on Twitter and it was hilarious

History is filled with tales of astounding miracles, from Jesus walking on water to the healing properties of the water at the holy site of Lourdes.

But we can’t all be as impressive as the fancy-pants Son of God – a famous show-off – and, sometimes, miracles come in smaller, slightly less spectacular ways.

Now medieval historians have been sharing their all-time favourite crap miracles on Twitter - and we’re happy to report they are a historical, hilarious delight.

Remember, to qualify as a Saint, you need to have performed two ‘miracles’, so we’re not surprised people have tended to overegg a bit of ‘divine intervention’ to boost their CV early on in their church career.

From magical cheese to lazy nuns, there are some real classic corkers here: hey, who knows, perhaps you’ve performed a miracle or two and not even noticed? If you don’t speak French you might already be off the mark…

1. The miracle of the reappearing cheese

2. The reluctant linguist 

3. The lazy nun

4. The holy bread thief

5. The beer aficionado 

6. The lettuce enthusiast 

7. The time someone caught a fish

8. The other time someone caught a fish

9. The farting spouse

10. The time someone didn’t spill wine

11. The girl with a plum stone up her nose

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(Image: Besancon, Bibliotheque municipal / Avicenna, Canon medicinae)