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Nutritionist explains why having two burgers is sometimes healthier than one

Now this we can get behind

Nutritionist explains why having two burgers is sometimes healthier than one
Tom Victor
12 November 2018

Have you ever stopped to wonder whether the burger-fries-drink combo might all be a ploy from Big Potato to stop you getting the right nutrients from your meal?

Well, maybe you should have taken that into consideration, because not only are fries less tasty than burgers (don’t try to argue), but they make for a less nutritious option than just doubling up on that beef.

That’s the suggestion put forward by Emily Field, a nutritionist and registered dietitian, who wants you to think about the long term effect of your food intake.

In short, it’s all about balance.

Swap those chips out for a second burger, stat

“I want people to be able to approach any food, any situation, and know that they can still make a responsible choice for their body,” Field told Business Insider.

And when it comes to meals, that means asking: “How am I going to feel two hours after I eat that?”

A burger and a portion of fries (or chips) contain roughly the same amount of calories, generally speaking – a McDonald’s double cheeseburger is 445 calories and a large fries from the same restaurant contains 444, while at Burger King the same items contain 430 and 400 respectively.

But it should be about more than just the calorie count.

If a dietitian says it, who are we to argue

While a burger contains carbs, fat and protein, a portion of fries has none of the latter.

This means two burgers, rather than a burger and fries, could ‘help steady your blood sugar levels’, according to Business Insider.

High-carb, low-protein foods can see blood sugar levels rise and fall more dramatically, potentially leaving you sluggish a couple of hours after your meal – it’s the same principle behind some breakfast cereals leaving you energised quickly but not for as long as you might have hoped.

Time to change that order to a burger with a side of burger, then.

(Images: Niklas Rhose/Jakub Kapusnak/Rex)