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20 Ways To Make Next Level Hot Dogs

20 Ways To Make Next Level Hot Dogs

20 Ways To Make Next Level Hot Dogs
Danielle de Wolfe
25 August 2015

Let’s be frank, there isn’t much to a hot dog. Yes, there’s somewhat of an art to getting a sausage that has the right snap, but it’s what you put on it that can take your dog up a notch.

Top up your own with these taste sensations.

1. Wrap the dog in bacon

You won’t regret it.

2. Curry sauce

The Germans are a testament to how well this works. Essentially all you’re doing is adding a bun to currywurst.

3. Beef

There’s nothing new about sloppy Joe's but that doesn’t make them any less awesome.

4. Batter it

A chip shop staple. A cylinder heart attack. Joy in a bun.

5. Wrap it in hash brown

The Koreans have claimed this with dogs on sticks wrapped in chips. The Scots have had the illusive tattie dog for a while - a dog wrapped in hash brown and then deep-fried. Take your pick and then up the ante by sticking it in a bun with your choice of sauce. 

6. Grilled peppers and chilli

Uncle Ben meets Uncle Sam.

7. Sauerkraut

Again, the German’s know how to treat their sausages. Take heed and add the cabbage staple for some extra bite.

8. Julienned veg (banh mi)

If you’ve been anywhere in London for the last two years you’ll have noticed an obsession with Vietnamese food. Jump on the trend at home with julienned veg for a refreshing twist to your frank.

9. Cream cheese

A dollop of Philadelphia is never unwelcome.

10. Pineapple

This has the makings to polarise a friendship group, but at least you’ll know who your real friends are.

11. Corn relish

Adding crunch and sweetness in one bite.

12. Pretzel bun

Of course your bun choice is as paramount for hot dogs as it is your burgers and sausage rolls. Eliminate disintegration with a solid and salty exterior. 

13. Chimichurri

Ditch the relish and go for something a little different. The vinegar, parsley and garlic will give you more bang for your bun.

14. Tahini

Mayo’s cool, creamy hipster cousin. 

15. Pickled beetroot

Like fun coloured pickles. 

16. Melted mozzarella

You have not lived until you have done this. It will change hot dogs forever. It’s basically a pizza dog. 

17. Crispy seaweed

Someone has clearly taken fusion food to another level, but we’re happily following suit.

18. Deep fried bounty

If you only try this Burger HQ creation once, it’s worth the diabetes risk. 

19. Coleslaw

You may run the risk of mess, but needs must. Add a squirt of BBQ sauce to pimp up your wiener.

20. Oreos

Like a stoner's delight.