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20 Incredible Ways To Pimp Your Burger

20 Incredible Ways To Pimp Your Burger

20 Incredible Ways To Pimp Your Burger
18 August 2015

There is little that can come between a man, patty and bun. One of the ultimate dude foods, simplicity is often where a well-made burger strives and delivers the most pleasure. But what goes between the beef and the bread can take the humble hamburger and make it into a thing of unfathomable beauty, oozing umami from a glistening brioche bun to dripping blue cheese.  

Here are the toppings to take your burger to the next level.

And if this has whetted your appetite, find out where you can enjoy Mr Hyde's National Burger Day on August 27

1. Melt in the middle patty

Stuff your choice of cheese into the middle of your mince before grilling. Prepare for unadulterated molten goo. 

2. Bacon patty

Topping with a couple of rashers is for amateurs. Make a bacon lattice and wrap around your burger for the perfect bacon ratio in every bite.

3. Black pudding

A slab of the good stuff on top of your burger a la Bleecker St will add texture and flavour.

4. Kimchi

Forget gherkins. The Korean cabbage packs crunch with a punch. 

5. Ramen burger

Because brioche is boring, apparently.

6. Mac and cheese

Add a dollop and prepare for a food coma that will last until tomorrow. 

7. Pulled pork

You can’t get too much off a good thing. So combine two of the best. 

8. Nachos

Think crisp sandwiches, but 100 times better. 

9. Marmalade

No, not the one in your Nan’s cupboard. Try savoury marmalades made with mushroom or mustard.

10. Fried egg and truffle oil

We’re yet to find anything that doesn’t go with egg or truffle, respectively or together.

11. Waffles

Breakfast, dessert and dinner could only be better together.

12. Beer cheese sauce

Like thicker, better beer. 

13. Pickled fig

The artisan’s caramelised onions. 

14. Sriracha slaw

We dare you to find something that isn’t improved by sriracha. 

15. Peanut butter

If it’s good enough for Elvis, it’s damn well good enough for us.

16. Pate

A less douchey version of a foie gras burger, with a tastier price tag.

17. Gravy

Not just for roast dinners and mashed potatoes, ditch the ketchup and dunk into the gravy boat. Go on, live a little. 

18. Avocado

Whether you opt for guacamole or solid slabs of the good ol’ greens, the contrast will give you a clean cut of flavour every time. 

19. Chilli beans

Like sloppy joes, but better. 

20. Hashbrown

Potatoes don’t just belong as a side order. Bring them into the fold for the main event.