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'Black Mirror' predicted one of the new iPhone X's flagship features

David Cameron definitely remembers the last thing they predicted...

'Black Mirror' predicted one of the new iPhone X's flagship features
13 September 2017

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror has developed something of a reputation for making creepily accurate predictions about the future - witness David Cameron’s alleged ‘incident’ with a pig - and it appears to have struck gold again in the prophecy stakes with the launch of the new iPhone X.

As this hilarious parody video makes full use of, one of the main features shown off at the announcement keynote in San Jose, California, was the ability of the user to control 3D emojis (’animojis’) with their face, utilising face-mapping technology, which is also being used for security features on the phone.

Yes - that’s right, you’re essentially paying a grand for an emoji machine.

The Black Mirror twitter account was not slow to have a little play with the emojis on the screen behind Tim Cook.

Look second from the right on the middle row - you can see Waldo, who was an animated blue bear from the second season of Black Mirror.

He starred in an episode entitled ‘The Waldo Moment’, where he unexpectedly ended up running for political office and got elected. Many had already referenced this episode in the last year viz-a-viz Donald Trump’s unlikely journey to becoming US president.

Unsurprisingly, fans loved the reference, using gifs from another Black Mirror episode to signal their appreciation:

Others were already starting to speculate over the dystopian potential of Apple’s new face-mapping technology.

Welcome to your new, terrible future everyone. Still, animated poop emojis right? Right?

(Image: Netflix)