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This iPhone X parody video brilliantly mocks all its new features

Meet the $1,000 Emoji Machine

This iPhone X parody video brilliantly mocks all its new features
13 September 2017

I have to admit, even as an Android man, the new iPhone X looks very cool.

The new screen, which takes up the entirety of the front, is beautiful, the camera looks outstanding, and the Animoji feature - while it isn’t exactly going to change your life - looks like a lot of fun. I am 100% going to ask to have a play on one as soon as one of my mates stumps up the big bucks to get their hands on it.

Here are some of the key facts and figures:

  • The home button is gone - you can now flick an open app upwards to return to the home screen
  • It charges wirelessly, with Apple’s AirPower pad, but also existing Qi chargers
  • It now uses Face ID rather than Touch ID to unlock - so your face is your password
  • It boasts a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge AMOLED screen
  • And a quad HD+ display with a 2436 x 1125 resolution
  • There’s a 12 megapixel dual-lens camera
  • It can charge 50% of its battery in half an hour
  • And battery life should last two hours longer than the iPhone 7
  • The Animoji feature is similar to Snapchat’s face-mapping filters, letting you animate the emoji catalogue using your face
  • The 64GB phone will cost £999, and the 256GB version costs £1,149
  • It launches officially on Friday, 3 November, but pre-orders begin a week earlier, on 27 October

Despite all these features, people are of course finding ways to take the piss - because it’s an Apple launch, and that’s just what happens.

Youtuber jacksfilms has created this parody launch video featuring Steve Jobs, taking aim at pretty much every single one of the phone’s new features.

The voiceover begins: “10 years ago, Steve Jobs walked on stage, and introduced a new product called the iPhone, marking a milestone in both technology and innovation, and to keep his spirit alive, we here at Apple are proud to announce the culmination of Steve’s vision…”

It then immediately cuts to the man on stage at the iPhone X event, clucking like a chicken and neighing like a unicorn on the Animoji feature.

The video goes on to claim Apple is using the Face ID technology to harvest our faces - a bit like something out of Game of Thrones, and also attacks the phone’s price and new screen.

Thing is, you’re still going to buy it, aren’t you. The person who made the video probably is too.