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The new Apple Mac candle and 6 other 'mandles' you'll love

Smell like a boss

The new Apple Mac candle and 6 other 'mandles' you'll love




A candle (cylinder of wax with a central wick that burns to give light) designed specifically for a male audience.

You may never have encountered a mandle. You may feel comfortable enough with your masculinity to purchase and use 'normal' candles. Point is, mandles are the retail embodiment of seeing a pun and running with it - running with it so far that other people start running with you, forming a massive running mob, none of whom really knows what they're running from or where they're running to, but you're all running and enjoying it so you might as well carry on.

Take the Mac candle: it's a soy wax candle (mandle) that smells like a "freshly opened Mac". A candle that immerses your sensory memory in the odour of a sweet, sweet new £1,000 Mac. The creation of Twelve South, it's proved so popular (or was just a joke someone with a label maker couldn't resist making) that it's currently sold out

But maybe the scent of new Mac isn't your thing. Maybe you're a Windows man, whose odious desires reside in other genres of popular culture.

Like a candle that smells of Winterfell, the fictional home of the Starks from Game of Thrones.

"But what does Winterfell smell of?" 

Scotch Pine and firewood, you pedant. Buy one for £14.47 and give it a good lungful. 

Prefer your literary references to be a bit higher? How about...

It's what F Scott Fitzgerald would have wanted. 

But mandles don't just exist in this millennial-bating pop culture sphere. No sir. You can get proper mandles too. 

Like this whisky scented candle, just £9.95

Or this one, that smells of fags and old chairs (Ernesto Tobacco And Leather) for £62

That's a mighty attractive candle, right? Well not as attractive as this beast from Fornasetti...

The scent of this 300g Pistole Nero Scented candle "evokes the aromas of the Fornasetti house in Milan, namely Mediterranean herbs from the garden and wood furniture." It only costs £125

You're right: £125 is a barbaric amount of money to spend on a cylinder of wax. You're pretty much burning £125 to make your flat smell like the herb aisle of Tescos. For £30, you can light up this woodsmoke offering from The Great Frog. 

The Mandle Company holds itself as something of the mandle master - it knows what a man stinks of. A browse through its site offers up delights including:

  • The Slab (bacon)
  • Fresh earth (soil)
  • Auto Shop (grease and oil)
  • Kegger (beer)
  • Gunpowder (gunpowder)
  • Meat & Potatoes (Sunday dinner)

That's it for our brief tour of mandles. Point is, if you want your place to smell of new Mac or coffee or testosterone, there's a brick of wax with string in it that'll help you achieve this aim. 

It's your money, we're not going to tell you what to do with it.