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The 9 sharpest dressed men at MTV’s VMAs

From Drake in a tuxedo to Chance the Rapper in dungarees, take a look at the event's best dressed

The 9 sharpest dressed men at MTV’s VMAs

The MTV VMAs might not be the most prestigious award to be bestowed upon the creative masses, but the event does have a plus side that the Oscars and the Grammys don't have: the on-stuff dress code.

Sure we all love a tuxedo, but when every guy is wearing a plain black suit it just becomes a sea of penguins. But the VMAs proved again this year that it's a beacon of cutting edge style, even though some outfits bordered on wearing nothing at all...


Summer can be an uncomfortable time for dressing smart. The solution? Ditch the shirt and go topless, apparently. We wouldn't suggest turning up to the office like this, but if you're off to any A-list events anytime soon, a pale pink Maison Margiela suit and showing off your nips is now acceptable.

Nathan Sykes

The former member of The Wanted is now a solo star in his own right, showing off a oriental inspired floral silk shirt, following on from the massive trend for everything Far East this summer, such as the souvenir jacket.


WHAT. IS. GOING. ON? Is this evidence of global warming? Award shows are now getting so hot men can't even button up their silk Saint Laurent cowboy shirts. First world problems, right?

Nick Jonas

Once an embarrassing Disney star, now a massive TV name with shows such as Kingdom and Scream Queens under his belt. He'll also be able to add style icon to his CV as well if he carries on wearing standout pieces such as this textured chevron bomber.


Rihanna knows that tuxedo is suave as hell. Just look at her eyeing it up like it's a T-bone steak. We know we gave some stick to guys wearing tuxes before, but when they look this sharp we'll let him off.

Chance the Rapper

Dungarees aren't just for babies and mechanics, as Chance proves here by updating the retro statement in beige, a possible nod to Kanye West's love for all things nude in his Yeezy collection.

Myke Wright

We've gone from men wearing nothing to men wearing fur lined collars. Do the VMAs have two different climates? Good idea, because a leather jacket should be able to be worn anytime of year.

Kanye West

A lot of people give Kanye stick for his style (us included), but when he keeps it simple with an all-white outfit with some killer, non-offensive Yeezy boots, it almost makes you believe he could be the genius he always says he is.

Matthew Noska

Who would've thought that wearing pyjama tops outside of the house would make you bang on trend and not on Job Seeker's Allowance?