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'Batman Cries' is the superhero song you never knew you needed

Is it amazing? Is it terrible? Either way you'll be singing it for the rest of the day

'Batman Cries' is the superhero song you never knew you needed
24 October 2018

“When a superhero is down, it tears us apart, but when the superhero is us, it’s a matter of life and death”.

So goes the YouTube video description for ‘Batman Cries’, a song by Joe Settineri which, if there is any justice in this world - and Batman himself is keen to make sure that there is - will soon be sitting atop the hit parade in every nation on the planet.

We were alerted to it by this tweet:

But little did we know we were about to be confronted with pure, undiluted genius.

Is it a parody? Is it serious? Does it matter? Either way, as soon as you get home tonight you’ll be putting this on the stereo at full blast and singing it in the shower with a raincoat on while the falling water smudges your mascara.

Watch this immediately:

It really is quite an achievement to write a song that both David Brent and The Script would rip their right arms off to have recorded.

Our only concern, will DC’s lawyers be on the phone with a takedown notice for using their intellectual property? Could it be taken down? If so, then this will be our reaction.

Listen to it now while you still can and think about just what could have made Batman cry - another argument with Robin? Ongoing maintenance issues with the batcave? Sadness that Ben Affleck is hanging up the suit? General post-millennial existential guilt?

Who knows, but wherever you are Batman, we’re crying with you.

(Image: YouTube)