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Melania Trump went to a funeral with Obama and looked happy for the first time ever

Naturally, the internet found the whole thing hilarious

Melania Trump went to a funeral with Obama and looked happy for the first time ever
23 April 2018

Melania never looks too happy when she’s with her husband Donald, which makes this snap of her smiling with Barack Obama more than a little awkward 

Retired presidents, their First Ladies, family and friends descended on Houston, Texas, on Saturday for the funeral of Barbara Bush, who died on Tuesday at the age of 92.

Bush’s family gave her emotional tributes during the service, remembering her campaign to improve literacy in the United States.

And in a lighter moment, former president Barack Obama was caught cracking a smile with current First Lady Melania Trump. It’s not known what the pair were discussing but, with Donald Trump deciding to skip the service, Melania was probably just relieved to get away from the White House and her husband for a few hours. 

Reporters were told that was Trump did not attend because of “disruptions due to added security” that would have come with his presence there - however, the White House statement also said that he did not attend “out of respect for the Bush family and friends attending the service” - which suggests that they did not want him there.

Melania, though, clearly was welcome, and she took the opportunity to actually enjoy herself for once. Even if it was at a funeral.

And as you’d expect, the internet had a field day with the snap of her with Obama, which was in stark contrast to her usual icy expressions whenever she’s wheeled out for a photo with her husband.

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And this isn’t the only pic from the funeral that’s been drawing attention. 

A startling group picture of the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas and Melania – all smiling very broadly – from photographer Paul Morse has gone viral as well. 

Guardian writer Jonathan Freedland said: “Compared to the hostile environment that is a Trump marriage, a moment with the real-life presidents’ club must have felt like blissful respite.”

We hope you had a good time Melania; back to reality now though, we’re afraid. 

Who knows, hopefully someone else important will die soon and you can let your hair down again.

(Image: Getty)