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​Atari’s take on the classic Pong game is the dose of nostalgia we need

The new Pong Quest game is a little, erm, different...

​Atari’s take on the classic Pong game is the dose of nostalgia we need

Nothing evokes peak levels of nostalgia quite like retro video games. Now, in news that’s set to put a smile on the faces of gamers everywhere, Atari has announced it’s reviving an all time classic in the form of Pong.

OK, so it’s not quite a straightforward revival - and this is where things get a little odd.

Pong Quest as it’s known is currently in development and hopes to be a new one-of-a-kind role play game (RPG) based on the original Pong concept. Atari really do like a revival, don't they?

Players will guide a heroic paddle through multiple dungeons based on other classic Atari games - think Asteroids and Centipede. It’s pretty much the ultimate Atari mash-up.

The slightly strange hybrid concept will allow players to customise their paddles with designs and ‘clothing’, alongside customising Pong balls and picking up other rewards.

The highlight? Probably the four-person multiplayer mode that enables players to take their customised balls into online battle scenarios.

Set to be priced at $15 (around £12), the game is set to be available across PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. We also know it’ll be this spring, with the exact launch date still to be announced.