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ASOS' new feature is here to save you from embarrassment

This'll get you out of a tight spot

ASOS' new feature is here to save you from embarrassment
12 October 2017

“So excited, got a party tonight, and that girl is gonna be there that I like, now’s my chance, better dress in something nice to impress her. Oh wait, I dropped the equivalent of an entire bottle of ketchup down my shirt at lunch and now I look like an idiot. Vest and pants it is.”

This happens, doesn’t it? You need something to wear for a specific event, and you need it now. But what if you can’t get into town to grab what you want? You can’t just jump onto ASOS and order something because it’ll come too late - what on earth do you do?

Well, you jump on ASOS and order something, because they’re now doing same-day delivery. Matt Rogers, delivery solutions and returns director at ASOS, says:

“ASOS has a history of innovation - in our use of technology, our trend setting fashion, and in the best-in-class delivery and service propositions we offer our customers.

“We are excited about the introduction of ASOS Instant and will continue to explore new options that add convenience and choice for ASOS shoppers.”

There is, of course, a catch (obviously): it’ll add a hefty £12.95 to your order. But can you put a price on fashion? Yes, you can, and this is it.

Also, catch number two, ASOS is only running this out as a trial to begin with, making it available in 122 London postcodes only, with the aim of rolling it out nationwide afterwards. Check on their site to see if you qualify, then if you order before 10am you’ll get a shiny new T-shirt and a clean pair of boxers between 6pm and 10pm that very evening. 

Now you can head to your stupid party, get really drunk and spill red wine all over your new clothes, completely nixing that £12.95 in one fell swill. Legend!

(Image: CBS)