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Anthony Joshua has made his first purchase with his fight winnings and it's brilliantly boring

He's keeping it real after his Wembley triumph

Anthony Joshua has made his first purchase with his fight winnings and it's brilliantly boring
03 May 2017

We’re only just recovering from Anthony Joshua’s pulsating victory over Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley Stadium on Saturday night, but it seems for the newly-minted unified champ, it’s already back to the daily grind.

And, despite earning a reported £15m from the fight, the first thing he’s spent money on is a classic piece of day-to-day admin: paying a £120 dry-cleaning bill at his local launderette.

He told The Mirror, “First off, I've got to pay my bill there. It's big.”

It all adds to the image of Joshua as a down-to-earth, keeping-it-real guy, which was shown throughout the buildup and reaction to his win over the equally classy Klitschko. The whole thing was a welcome change after the histrionics of Tyson Fury, David Haye and the rest, with the respect between the fighters clearly evident.

The 27-year-old lives with his mum in an ex-council flat in North London’s Golders Green which he bought for her with the proceeds of earlier fights.

He spoke about why it was important for him to sign autographs and pose for selfies when asked by his fans, saying: 

"I'm a people person. On the estate where I'm from, there were loads of us. Everyone at Wembley, I probably know 20,000 of them because I'm a local boy. The main thing I like about what I'm doing is there is some kid who's going to come up and be inspired about what we're achieving and go on to do bigger and better things than we're achieving. That's why I don't mind the attention because it's got a positive rebound."

So while Joshua might not be a fan of dishing the dirt, given his cleaning bill he’s clearly not great at keeping it off him.

Oh go on, let’s see that 11th round uppercut one more time shall we?

Absolutely brutal.

(Image: Rex)