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Alan Titchmarsh fronts Adidas’ new range of gardening trainers

Gardening never looked so good

Alan Titchmarsh fronts Adidas’ new range of gardening trainers
Danielle de Wolfe
08 October 2019

Have you ever spent a lazy Sunday watching reruns of hit TV show Ground Force and found yourself thinking, ‘man, if only I looked a little more like Alan Titchmarsh’? For the swathes of people that undoubtedly answered yes, you’re in luck.

Yes, adidas’ latest high-end limited edition shoe is modelled by the 90s gardening pin-up and targets “avant-gardeners” with an interest in “horti-couture” - apparently.

Adidas has become known for producing some weird and wonderful limited edition collaborations from its Adidas Consortium Workshop (remember those Elizabeth Line trainers for a train line that doesn’t yet exist?) - and this latest design venture is no exception.

A veritable patchwork of brown and grey, the “Hoverturf” unisex trainers are part of the brand’s new “Gardening Club” range targeting those who enjoy a trip down to the garden centre and wish to protect their normal clothing whilst knee deep in compost.

“We looked at ‘outdoor’ as a place we wanted to explore for the season but in our own playful way with a unique take on it,” notes product manager George Griffin. “I’ve been lucky enough to be wearing the footwear and apparel for the last month or so now; the designs are all so different that it’s almost impossible to choose.”

George really is the ultimate salesman.

Alan Titchmarsh fronts Adidas’ new range of gardening trainers

“The sandal is striking and unlike anything we’ve seen for a while in this space, so that’s great to see and refreshing – I have worn it a lot, and I’ve actually been brave enough to both wear [it] with and without socks, so it’s surprisingly versatile!” he continued.

“But for the day-to-day trips to the garden centre or for flower potting, I would say the Hoverturf would be the shoe to choose.”

And you’ll be pleased to hear the gardening theme extends far beyond trainers.

Yes, for those wanting to go full Titchmarsh, adidas are offering a “Gardening Sonicdrive Vest” for a mere €110, a type of closed-toe sandal called “Novaturbo” for €150 and trousers that zip down into shorts for €81 - all of which come in equally attractive shades of brown-ish green.

Complete with an array of open and zipped pockets, the vest’s sleeveless design is pretty much all any avid gardener could ask for.

The limited edition adidas Gardening Club collection will be available to purchase from October 12. Watch out world, we’re ready to go full Ground Force on you.