Burgers, bad accents and The Rock: everything you should read today - 21 August

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Jordan Waller
Afternoon reads - 20 August

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The 11 all-time worst British accents in film

The 10 worst British accents in film

“Cor blimey guv’nor!” is apparently where the majority of dialect coaches start when it comes to teaching the many intricacies of the British accent.

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5 secrets of perfect pizza making (according to a top pizza chef)

Step inside the mind of a pizza genius 3

Frank Pinello of New York’s legendary Best Pizza reveals his top tips for getting the perfect slice.

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People aren’t happy with Madonna’s self-serving VMA tribute to Aretha Franklin

Madonna is being slammed for making an Aretha Franklin tribute all about herself

Madonna stepped in at the last minute to deliver her tribute to the music legend, but it didn’t go down well with everyone.

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The Rock has a message for anyone who thinks they’re a failure

52 weeks of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson: week 32 1

A sentimental but important message from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in this week’s Rock Report.

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Get 20% off these amazing burgers for Mr Hyde’s National Burger Day 2018

Get 20% off all these amazing burgers for Mr Hyde's National Burger Day 7

Ohhhhhhh boy!

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J.K. Rowling ‘confirmed’ a super dark ‘Harry Potter’ theory about Dumbledore

J.K. Rowling just ‘confirmed’ a super dark ‘Harry Potter’ theory about Dumbledore

Everyone’s got their theories about Harry Potter - and this one is very plausible

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Here are the 20 best fish and chip shops in the UK 

Here are the 20 best fish and chip shops in the UK - how many have you tried?

An overall winner shall be picked from a shortlist of 20 - will it be your local? (no)

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Cricket fans brought to tears by beautiful letter from a heartbroken son

Lord's cricket ground

Jonathan Agnew read out a very special letter from a long-time listener, leaving listeners in floods

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