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A cult classic from the 90s could be about to get a much-needed sequel

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A cult classic from the 90s could be about to get a much-needed sequel
17 May 2016

We've only just got over the excitement of the news that filming for the Trainspotting sequel is now underway, and now news reaches us that another touchstone of nineties rave culture is about to be resurrected.

Human Traffic, a cult 1999 movie, could be getting a sequel, apparently called Human Traffic: The Revolution.

While the original was set in Cardiff, this one will seemingly reunite the cast in Ibiza. Justin Kerrigan, who wrote and directed the original at the tender age of 25, will be in the hotseat in both roles once again, 17 years on. In the intervening years, he has only directed one other feature film, 2008's I Know You Know, which starred Robert Carlyle and Howard Marks.

The movie was notable for being the film debut for a young Danny Dyer, who played Moff. The role was a real stretch for Dyer, being a wise-cracking, small-time dealing cockney geezer. He has already tweeted his enthusiasm for a reprise:

The news stems from the appearance of a Facebook page set up earlier this year: it is believed that the original cast of John Simm, Lorraine Pilkington, Shaun Parkes, Nicola Reynolds, Dean Davies, Richard Coyle and Andrew Lincoln will be involved.

Kerrigan spoke to WalesOnline at the time of the film's 15th anniversary, saying, "I'm proud to have worked with all the people on Human Traffic, it was the surprise box office hit of the year and the awards that it won where totally unexpected, but what I'm most proud of is when people tell me 'that's me', that they see themselves in one of the characters. "It makes me feel that we are all connected in some strange way."

You can watch the trailer - and even the full movie - of Human Traffic below.