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A Beyoncé documentary could be about to hit Netflix

The Beyhive have sniffed out the clues

A Beyoncé documentary could be about to hit Netflix
08 April 2019

Bow down, bitches – a Beyoncé documentary could be about to hit Netflix. 

We’re going on limited clues, here, but they’re pretty convincing – and they’ve already been expertly pored over by the singer’s obsessive fanbase a thousand times over. 

Speculation started when Netflix – and its side-project Strong Black Lead – shared a teaser poster at the weekend, hinting at a mysterious release later this month. 

And as fans pointed out, the font and colour bore a pretty striking resemblance to those Beyoncé used when she performed at Coachella last year. 

We don’t know yet whether it’s a concert film or a documentary – or a combination of the two – but, as you might expects, fans are really f*cking excited

Luckily, we don’t have long to wait, with the film set to be released on April 17th. 

So that gives us just enough time to get in formation – by which we mean sit down in front of Netflix with 8000 calories worth of food, obviously.

Image: Getty