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5 looks for every kind of Christmas party you’ll be invited to this season

There's no excuse to be lazy in the style stakes

5 looks for every kind of Christmas party you’ll be invited to this season
05 December 2018

Uh-oh. It’s Christmas time, isn’t it?

There’s really no avoiding it, so you may as well suck it up and come to terms with the fact that you are going to have to go to some parties.

Thankfully, attending a do is a great excuse to get dressed up and look your best, no matter the dress code.

So, here are a few tips on what to sling on, when to do it and where to get it from (thank you, Next).

1. Posh black tie

A bit “powsh”, is it?

Got to head to something a little “soph” “ist” “oh” “cated”, do you?

Well, it’s very simple. Don’t go too overboard here. Keep it classic but, if you can, sneak in a little twist.

While everyone is wearing a standard black tux, you’re switching it up with a hint of blue, as well as nipping in a bit of pizzazz with a sparkly bow tie.

You don’t want to stray too far from the norm here, but you’ve got to let your personality shine through a little. Using your accessories to do it is just the ticket.

2. Not-so-posh black tie

Sometimes the dress-code is black tie, but after you’ve gauged the lay of the land, you know you’ve got a little room to experiment.

As such, a bit of a lairy blazer is absolutely fine. Team it with some matching loafers and a black shirt (done up to the top, without a tie), and you’re smart as all heck – not to mention coming across a bit rogue.

And everyone loves a rogue, don’t they? Especially a lovable one, like you.

3. “All the invite says is ‘smart’. What the hell does that mean?”

“Smart”. What on earth? Who makes the rules here?

You could slap on a pair of chinos and a boring Oxford shoe, but why not whack on a check blazer and have a bit of fun with it?

If you’re going smart, it’s never wise to stick with the standard. Mix it up. Always.

Yes, keep your trousers classic, but add something different with a pair of loafers plus a baby blue tie.

“Smart”? You’ve nailed it.

4. Smart casual

Finally, some trainers.

A nice, crisp white pair of sneaks can easily fit in with a smart-casual theme. Wear them with trousers and a roll neck to complete the look.

“I’m casual!” you can shout. “But also smart!

Such a trendsetter, you are. An absolute tastemaker.

5. The Christmas jumper party

It’s going to happen, isn’t it? At some point this season, you will be required to wear a wacky jumper.

But don’t let it get you down. You can still twist this to your advantage. Dressing like an idiot doesn’t have to be an option.

Grab a Christmas jumper that looks like your usual winter staple and you’re sorted. You’re getting involved, but you’re not compromising your fashion reputation, either.

Team it with a pair of light blue wash jeans and a pair of camel desert boots and you’re laughing.

Look at you. Look how much you love Christmas, you absolute elf!

Wherever you’re heading this festive season, Next has you covered when it comes to party wear. Shop the range now and watch the video below for more style stories.