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5 items to buy from Balmain X H&M before they sell out

5 items to buy from Balmain X H&M before they sell out

5 items to buy from Balmain X H&M before they sell out
04 November 2015

ShortList’s style director, Adrian Clark, predicts which pieces form the high-street/designer alliance will be the instant ‘sell-out’ successes 

High end fashion at high street prices - that's the ticket.

And if previous designer collaborations are anything to go by, H&M’s latest sponsored_longform - the much anticipated, talked, and tweeted about association with the Parisian label du jour, Balmain (designed by Olivier Rousteing) - will exceed all projected trading targets and sell-out within minutes of hitting the selected stores that will be stocking it and online when it goes on sale at 9am tomorrow morning.

While H&M are reluctant to release actual figures, it doesn’t take an MA in business to work out queues around-the-block hours before the store’s doors open – as was witnessed when the Swedish retail giant teamed up with Versace, Alexander Wang, Karl Lagerfeld and Margiela, equate to healthy profits but a lot of disappointed customers who wished they had got up and got in line just that little bit earlier.

Given the build up to this collection has been the most hyped and social media commentated of any that H&M have released to date we felt obliged to flag up the five key items from the 40-piece menswear collection (including accessories) that are sure to sell out.

All you need to do is set your alarm clock.

The collection goes on sale at selected H&M stores and online at 9am November 5th;

The tailored military coat; £149.99

Military-inspired tailoring is at the core of the Balmain DNA, with this double-breasted wool coat with an imposing collar is as elegantly cut as any of the pieces you will find in the mainline collection, but at a fraction of the cost obviously.

The black denim biker jeans; £59.99

The biker jeans with pin-tuck detailing is a ubiquitous staple in Balmain’s collections, present in every season, but usually retailing for around £750, these are a much more affordable option.

The hi-top sneaker; £99.99

Designer trainers are one of the most popular sales for any luxury brand, and a high-street diffusion hybrid only aids in making that purchase a reality.

The logo emblazoned white Tee; £24.99

This one is a bit of a no-branier; a great price point and the most accessible way to buy into the pending ‘Balmainia’, Also available in khaki.

The embellished leather biker jacket; £299.99

Known for his use of rich of embellishment, Rousteing applied hand-embroidered patches, with lions, eagles and anchors in gold thread at the cuffs and chest to make this traditional biker jacket a statement.