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5 Cool football kits that Umbro got just right

Don't worry West Ham, it'll be alright...

5 Cool football kits that Umbro got just right

West Ham United have just announced a new five-year sponsored_longform with Umbro, replacing Adidas as the teams kit manufacturers. A move that seems to have freaked out the more Twitter savvy West Ham supporters out there who, generally speaking, don't really seem to have much love for the brand.

Which is a shame because we happen to think they a pretty underrated bunch when it comes to kit making. 

Here's five of the best Umbro kits from times-gone-by...

England, 1966

Arguably the greatest England shirt ever made. Simple brilliance, how could we not include this? Pure red, no messing, three lions on the chest and Bobby Moore holding the trophy aloft on the shoulders of Geoff Hurst and Ray Wilson. No, we're not crying, we've just got something in our eye...

Shrewsbury Town, 1979

It's a pretty cool shirt anyway, but the fact that bassist Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap wears it during the infamous body search scene blasts it into the realms of the super-cool. Just remember not to wrap your cucumber in tin foil everyone.

Carlisle United, 2003

Sponsors normally detract from a shirt's beauty, but sometimes they're a crucial part of its charm. None more so than with Carlisle United's pure blue shirt with the Carlisle-based Eddie Stobart trucker company logo. Glorious.

Ipswich Town, 1992

A proper kit. Blue chest, white arms, a proper local sponsor and the bootlace v-neck which was all the rage for a few years. Truly Suffolk.

Santos, 2010

Following in the footsteps of Barcelona's UNICEF 'sponsorship', Pelé's old side Santos decided to team up with the World Wide Fund for Nature, thus creating a classic football shirt. Look at it - it's got a panda on it! (and the Panda is even wearing Santos' colours - now that'sbranding synergy)