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4 top looks for Notting Hill Carnival to wear with Converse

The definitive guide to smashing style‎

4 top looks for Notting Hill Carnival to wear with Converse
20 August 2018

Don’t know what to expect from Notting Hill Carnival? 

Good news – we do.

We’ve been around all the rainbow-coloured Georgian blocks and we’re here to impart a little of our West London wisdom to you.

From how to subtly incorporate the iconic red, yellow and green colourways into your outfit to how to make your Converse One Stars pop, here’s how to style out London’s best street party.  

The fool-proof one

London is never more alive than it is the last Sunday and Monday in August. 

But combine that with a few million rum punch-bearing, vibesing Londoners and you’ve got yourself a recipe for spilled drinks central.‎ 

And if you’ve got no time for looking anything less than criss, a uniform of mostly black and a carefully placed asymmetric print will have everyone fooled, should that one liability of a mate decide to take the flossing one step too far.

The key here is fit with a touch of colour. Keep your shirt and shorts loose and opt for black Converse One Stars – their iconic silhouette elevates the look to the next level of style and comfort. 

The colourful one

Trainers are the uniform for August bank holiday and nothing will make them pop more than echoing them with opposing shades from the colour spectrum.

While it should be party on the top (go all-out with colour and print), it’s all business on the bottom. Muted greens will make your statement orange creps stand out even more. 

You’ll be wading through compliments as well as the crowds.

The iconic one

You’ll never see more red, green and yellow than you will at Notting Hill Carnival. 

They’re the colours that appear most frequently across the West Indian flags and they emblazon every float, beer can and reveller as far as the eye can see. 

And could there be more cheerful colours to see the city painted in? No, not really. 

Embrace NHC in your T-shirt and up the sunshine with more yellow. If you’re in two minds about going in on the bucket hat, your eyes and forehead will thank you when the sun peaks over West London.

Sack off the belt and up your streetstyle cred with a spare lace, finish off with some literal blue suede shoes and you’re just a Red Stripe away from good-to-go.

The one you’ll be thankful for

One thing you really want when you’re partying in the streets is somewhere secure for your phone, wallet and keys. 

Nobody wants to be that person trawling through the sea of cans at Powis Square at 9pm looking for lost items. 

So, invest in a case that’s right there around your neck, accessible ‎every time someone nags you for the time/lighter/bottle opener/whistle/their soul. 

This body bag coordinates perfectly with your black Converse One Stars, while the shirt pulls it all together by being bold, but pulling accents from the rest of your look. 

Sunnies on and you’re ready to shuffle your way through the day.

Whether you’re by the subwoofer or joining in from the rooftops, make sure you make Converse One Star your style staple for Notting Hill Carnival. Shop the range now