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25 times David Beckham was the coolest person ever

He's come a long way since those 90s curtains...

25 times David Beckham was the coolest person ever
29 December 2015

If we could be any man, we'd have to pick David Beckham. Regularly voted top on Sexiest Men lists the world over, famed for his wardrobe, footballing prowess and gaggle of A-list friends, there seems to be nothing the man doesn't have.

Even when he's coming off a 24-hour flight or just dashing for a quick spin class with his whole family in tow, his fashion sense is always impeccable and seemingly impossible to beat.

Here are 25 times Becks was the coolest person in the world...


Most men would look bizarre in a plum velvet blazer, but not David Beckham. Now, where do we get our hands on a jacket just like this?

Baker Boy

Out and about in London, Becks displays perfect laid-back cool in a trusty baker boy cap, a chunky knitted jumper and a fitted black jacket. 

Suited And Booted

Dave's style might look effortless, but the glossy hair, perfectly trimmed beard and elegant suit all require careful thought and a solid knowledge of how to wow the crowds.

T-shirt Cool

In a grey tee worthy of Mark Zuckerberg, some cool sunnies and a sharp pair of suede boots, Becks shows all you need to stand out is this season's coolest bag: the hat.

All Black

As every true fashion guru knows, black is the new black - and there's nothing more eye-catching than wearing it head to toe, from the huge sunglasses to the edgy leather backpack.

Gent In Red

Matching his crimson long-sleeved shirt to his bright red kicks, David shows you should never be afraid of a bit of colour.

Body Wear

Launching his Bodywear underwear collection in New York, Becks opts for a military-style jacket and scuffed boots - plus, a smirk that only a man who has his own underwear range can muster. 

True Englishman

Channelling grandpa chic in a tweed blazer, David takes the retro look into the 21st century with a scruffy beard and carefully coiffed hair.

Hat's It

Never a stranger to a strong choice of headgear - whether the beanie, the baseball cap or the baker boy hat - could the trilby be Dave's best look?

Tat's All

He's got enough designer tuxedos to dress a whole London borough, but even David just wants to wear a cartoon T-shirt that shows off his tattoos once in a while

Biker Jacket

He's come a long way since he and Victoria wore those matching head-to-toe leather catsuits in 1999 - now Becks knows just one leather item is permissible at a time.

Soul Cycle

Proving that sweating in the gym is no excuse not to look your best, David matches his bright orange beanie to his trainers, adding a pop of colour to an otherwise nondescript grey outfit.

Black Tie

You can't get much more suave than this white jacket, black bow tie and camera-ready expression.

Snappy Suit

The best things in life are simple, like David's blue suit, maroon tie and pristine white shirt.

Colour Pop

Sometimes you just need a classic all-black look - but you can't take the flamboyant sports personality out of David, who adds a flash of neon with his bright choice of footwear.

Double denim

Double denim, a black beanie and a chain casually hanging from his jeans: even when leaving the airport after a long-haul flight, Beckham's still a style icon.

Bearded Bloke

Whether you're a razor-smooth type of guy, or you've got chin fluff like Dumbledore, you can't fail to appreciate David's scruffy beard - all he needs is a top knot and he'll fit into any Shoreditch cereal cafe.

Nautical Look

Rest assured that even Becks occasionally falls back on the old reliable classic: nautical stripes for the win. 

Black Tie... Again

It's not all about the bow ties - a simple monochrome tie and shirt combo worn like this will outshine all the posers on the red carpet.

Footie Icon

Posing with three of his four kids at a charity football game, David went back to his most famous look of all - the red-clad captain with his alice band.

Checked cool

For laid-back style, David knows his staples: sunglasses, perfectly coiffed hair and a loose checked shirt over a white tee. Simples.

...And Again

Dave shows that double denim isn't just for traditional blue jeans - mixing it up with white jeans, a baseball cap and a sweatshirt tied fashionably round his waist, he looks the picture of dressed-down cool. 

Geek chic

Wearing enormous specs, fitted trousers and a matching blazer and tie, Becks works geek chic at an event in New York. 

Comfy Cool

In ripped jeans, a white shirt and a big cosy jumper, this should be every man's winter dream outfit. Comfortable and fashionable.

Beret Nice

Wrapping up warm on a walk, Becks shows you don't need to put much thought into a cool winter outfit - a quilted leather jacket, some trusty jeans and a pair of battered brown boots will do the trick, with the baker boy cap adding bonus points.