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20 Things your Dad wore that are still really cool

20 Things your Dad wore that are still really cool

20 Things your Dad wore that are still really cool

Your dad was one of the original trendsetters, here are some of his legacies. 

(Images: Getty & Dads Are The Original Hipsters)

1. Jorts

That old pair of jeans that are so ripped they’re hanging beneath your knees? Cut them loose, and you have yourself a pair of jorts. Your dad wore them first but we wouldn’t suggest going that short. 

2. Windbreakers

You may have been born in the eighties but your dad was owning them.


3. Leather jackets

He probably had the bike to match but the jackets are still going strong.

4. Statement moustaches

You’ll always strive for your father’s facial hair, but let’s be real. Yours pales in comparison.  

5. Beards

Bow to your forefathers, hipsters. 

6. Hawaiian shirts

You questioned them when you were younger, now you covet them.

7. 50s Undercut

Your dad was rocking this as a child. Let that sink in. 

8. Long hair

The man bun has nothing on the ultimate unkempt hair of the 70s.

9. Sweaters

Your dad was pioneering ‘normcore’ while you were puking on all his good stuff. 

10. Aviators

He’s probably got an original pair of Ray Bans in his desk drawer you would kill for. 

11. Pea coats

Where would we be without them?

12. Birkenstocks

Every summer. Every man, woman and child.

13. Turtlenecks

You know you look good in yours, but god damnit look at that man.

14. Corduroys

Warm, practical and bang on trend.Probably don't go full flare though.

15. Tennis socks and shoes

Those Adidas Originals socks that you love? Your dad had them too. 

16. Bomber jackets

Your dad was all over this. 

17. Double denim

It's come back around at least three times since your dad was wearing the trend.

18. skinny jeans

Think they started in the 2000s? Think again. 

19. ankle grazers

 Flashing your ankles may be a present trend, but it’s a thing of the past.

20. suspenders

Your dad was making suspenders cool way before he made you.