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10 slides to keep your feet cool this summer

It's toe-time

10 slides to keep your feet cool this summer
27 April 2017

So, maybe you’re going on holiday, maybe you’re heading down the coast at the weekend, maybe you’re having a BBQ up the park, or maybe you just want to pop those stuffy socks off and air your piggies out – all ultra-valid reasons you might want to don a pair of slides. In fact, you don’t even need to lose the foot-underwear – socks and slides are in, too (here’s some proof).

Either way, you’re gonna want a pair for the summer. Here are ten you could do worse than nabbing:

Fila Baywood Striped Logo

Fila used to be cool, then it wasn’t cool, and now it’s cool again. So you too, could be cool, if you wear a pair of these slides. They’re sporting Fila’s classic striped design, and will get very dirty very quickly, but until then – just look how coooool you are. 


Puma Popcat

A nice two-tone colourway and Puma’s classic logo – pretty simple, pretty reliable, pretty stylish. Will go well with white socks, too, in case you haven’t clipped your toenails, you wizard.


Lacoste L.30

The staple Lacoste green takes centre stage here, coating a pair of sophisticated slides that would look great while you swan about on the French riviera/to the shops to buy milk. These are best twinned with bare feet though – but then you won’t be wearing socks on your private yacht, anyway, will you.


Hunter Black

Normally, you’d wear Hunters when it’s raining, muddy and/or you’re shovelling manure. However, these ones would be an extremely foolish choice should you be in one of those situations – that’s because they’re designed for when that big fruit in the sky is doing its thing. And just like Hunter’s wellies, they’re rugged to the max and definitely designed for wearing outside on any terrain rougher than the norm. Best not try and climb any mountains in them, though. Because you might actually die.


Ellesse Navy/White

Ellesse, like Fila, also had a ride on the cool/not cool rollercoaster, but they’re firmly on the way up the ascent at the moment – so jump in these before you hurtle back down again. Garish branding of the time-honoured logo and a smooth dark blue make these a sporty surround for your little phalanges. Good shout with socks, too.


Adidas Adilette

Oh, hello pastel colours – these numbers come in an easy blue or a muted pink all-over colour, and both will compliment any summer outfit you’ve got going on upstairs. There’s no lairy branding either: the faint logo and almost indistinguishable stripes make them under-the-radar fashun, mate.


Nike Benassi Swoosh

Are these the quintessential slide? I’d say yes, quite probably, and they can be worn with bare feet or pretty much any type of sock, no matter how loud or wacky you like to go. Black compliments anything, even black. Fresh as all hell, these guys.


Kenneth Cole Big Screen

Kenneth Cole keeps it smart usually, and has extended that mantra to its sliders. A neat leather effect and a simple stripe down the middle keep things restrained, yet show a bit of flavour; and if your name is, I dunno... Kevin Christiansen or something, then you’ve got your initials on them for no extra cost.


Brandblack Kashiba

These might be the smoothest on the list, both metaphorically and literally. Brandblack specialises in simple colours on understated designs (for the most part), and these minimalist treads are about as sophisticated as a pair of polyurethane slides can get. They’ll go with almost anything, and will look as at home at the beach-side wine mixer as they will down the Magaluf strip.


Men's Gucci Tian


$ 218.43,