The John Lewis ad is here, it's officially Christmas


You've had your time, Coca-Cola truck. There's a new herald angel of seasonal tidings.

Bastion of the middle-classes John Lewis has released its Christmas advert, bedecked in emotional weight and even the faintest hint of science.

The story (soundtracked by Aurora's Oasis cover Half the World Away) sees young star-gazer Lily studying the Moon from her bedroom, where she spots an old man. There follows the now-annual emotive journey of hope and disappointment before a final, tear-soaked conclusion.

Except... what if the old man on the Moon isn't on the Moon at all? What if that's just Lily's grand father, symbolicly removed from Lily, stuck in the lonely old peoples home for the 25th? 


Go out and find someone lonely this Christmas, okay? Buy them a telescope from John Lewis. Give them a hug. Do a Lily.