50 Worst Football Kits Ever

It must be difficult trying to come up with a new football kit design. You're fairly constrained by the team's colours and most of the good ones have been done before. But clearly the pressure of having to produce a new one every season, and the recent requirement for third and fourth kits, have just led to designers occasionally going a little bit insane. It's the only possible explanation for this eye-watering gallery of style abominations.

We present 50 of the worst football kits of all time. Prepare to enter a fashion-free zone.

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  • 1860 Munich

    1860 Munich

    Year: 2010 Don't let that man's suave appearance fool you.… More details

  • Ajax


    Year: Unknown This looks like they really wanted to go for… More details

  • Australia


    Year: 1990 This looks like one of Nelson Mandela's shirts.… More details

  • Barcelona


    Year: 1995 Barcelona may now be a byword for class and… More details

  • Barcelona


    Year: 2013 We say that Barcelona is now a byword for style… More details

  • Athletic Bilbao

    Athletic Bilbao

    Year: 2004 Just because Salvador Dalí was Spanish, doesn't… More details

  • Birmingham City

    Birmingham City

    Year: 1972 We're still not sure what Birmingham were… More details

  • Bochum


    Year: 1997 A kit clearly designed by two people, both given… More details

  • Brighton & Hove Albion

    Brighton & Hove Albion

    Year: 1986 "The clowns upstairs have signed a deal for… More details

  • Celtic


    Year: 1991 Just where do you start? is the zig-zag line a… More details

  • Chelsea


    'Year: 1994 For a start, orange and grey don't really work… More details

  • Colorado Caribous

    Colorado Caribous

    Year: 1978 You have to give them credit for trying, but… More details

  • Coventry City

    Coventry City

    Year: 1978 Regularly voted the worst strip of all time and… More details

  • Derby County

    Derby County

    Year: 2013 It's got a terrible sponsor, the fonts must have… More details

  • Dundee


    Year: 1953 Tartan should only be seen in the crowd - and… More details

  • Dundee United

    Dundee United

    Year: 1993 For some inexplicable reason, Dundee United… More details

  • England


    Year: 1996 A king amongst terrible football shirts, this… More details

  • Estonia


    Year: 1996 What is going on here. Top half: some kind of… More details

  • Everton


    Year: 2013 There's nothing wrong with pink in the right… More details

  • Fiorentina


    Year: 1992 At first glance, you may think, "what's… More details

  • Nottingham Forest

    Nottingham Forest

    Year: 1997 A perfectly nice yellow shirt that someone has… More details

  • Hartlepool United

    Hartlepool United

    Year: 1991 This is like a chess board gone wrong. Nice… More details

  • SC Heeneveen

    SC Heeneveen

    Year: Various Fair play to Heeneveen: the little red hearts… More details

  • Huddersfield Town

    Huddersfield Town

    Year: 1991 It's a bit tie-dye-tastic isn't it? More details

  • Huddersfield Town

    Huddersfield Town

    Year: 1993 Pity those poor Huddersfield fans. After 1991's… More details

  • Hull City

    Hull City

    Year: 1992 We thought long and hard about this one. They… More details

  • Juventus


    Year: 2011 As discussed before, nothing wrong with pink.… More details

  • Liverpool


    Year: 1995 We think we've worked this out. Someone did a… More details

  • Liverpool


    Year: 2013 The most recent addition to our hall of fame,… More details

  • Lokomotiv Moscow

    Lokomotiv Moscow

    Year: 2007 Our eyes! Our eyes! Season ticket holders at… More details

  • Malaysia


    Year: 2011 This shirt makes it look like you've just been… More details

  • Manchester United

    Manchester United

    Year: 1992 This shirt (particular when worn by Lee Sharpe)… More details

  • Newcastle United

    Newcastle United

    Year: 2009 Poor Newcastle United fans. As if being run in a… More details

  • Norway


    Year: 1996 Someone in Norway just learnt how to use WordArt… More details

  • Norwich City

    Norwich City

    Year: 1992 Much like the Hull City tiger strip, this has… More details

  • Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace

    Year: Unknown This looks like a colourblindness test. It… More details

  • Peterborough United

    Peterborough United

    Year: 1993 What on earth is this. It's that classic… More details

  • Rangers


    Year: Unknown Wear this if you want to look a little bit… More details

  • Reading


    Year: 2007 There's nothing particularly wrong with the… More details

  • Recreativo


    Year: Unknown If we have learnt nothing else from Timmy… More details

  • Reggina


    Year: 2012 Much like the 2000 Italy shirt, this works… More details

  • Rosario


    Year: Unknown We just don't know what's going on here.… More details

  • Scotland


    Year: 1991 Another classic example of the 'paintbrush… More details

  • Scunthorpe United

    Scunthorpe United

    Year: 1994 Scunthorpe United clearly saw Peterborough's… More details

  • Sheffield Wednesday

    Sheffield Wednesday

    Year: 1984 Looking like something out of a New York club at… More details

  • Shrewsbury Town

    Shrewsbury Town

    Year: 1992 A bizarre collection of differing sized rhombi… More details

  • Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone

    Year: 2011 The tiger is a nice idea lads, but it just… More details

  • Southend United

    Southend United

    Year: Unknown Possibly the crowning glory of all terrible… More details

  • Stoke City

    Stoke City

    Year: 1993 A purple brother to the Hudderfield monstrosity,… More details

  • Stoke City

    Stoke City

    Year: 1997 Someone just learnt how to do Drop Shadow in… More details

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