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NASA's just released travel posters for the new solar system and you'll want them on your wall


What’s cooler than the fact NASA have just discovered an entire new solar system similar to ours that could potentially host life?

These posters of it, that’s what.

If you hadn’t heard, NASA have just discovered a solar system 39 light-years away with seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a star named TRAPPIST-1.

Temperatures on the planets are such that water, and therefore life, could potentially be hosted on them, and the discovery’s got a lot of people excited.

NASA have released an entire website about their new discovery, on which they’ll be posting news and updates, and have dedicated a section to this incredible artwork they’ve commissioned by Amanda J. Smith.

NASA poster 1

NASA have released retro-style travel posters to mark the discovery of the new solar system

NASA Poster 2

One of artist Amanda Smith's interpretations of the new solar system

NASA Poster 3

Get this on your bedroom wall

The posters are properly stunning – the sort of thing you’d want up on your bedroom wall.

And a they’re full of information too – many of them show us comparisons with Earth and other planets in our solar system in terms of size and how they orbit their sun.

TRAPPIST-1’s solar system is much smaller than ours, scientists reckon the closest planet’s year (the time it takes to orbit the star) is the equivalent of about one and a half days, and it’s still just 13 days for the one sixth-furthest away.

NASA Poster

Comparing the sizes of the solar systems

NASA Poster

The size of each of TRAPPIST-1's planets compared with Earth

NASA Poster

Comparing the amount of energy the planets receive from their suns

NASA Poster

Comparing the orbits of the two solar sytems

NASA Poster

Comparing the architecture of the two systems

NASA Poster

Comparing the area covered by the planets

NASA Poster

Comparing the sizes and orbital periods of the planets

Because the solar system is so much more compact than ours, NASA scientists say that it would be possible to stand on the surface of one of the planets and have others appear in the sky even closer than the moon looks to us, which is fucking cool.

It only takes about 20,000 years to get there from Earth – get us on the next flight out of here.



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