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Americans, you're officially wrong, because it's Lego not Legos


The debate has finally been settled, the true voice of authority has answered and it’s what we always knew – Americans are totally wrong about Lego.

Everybody knows it’s pronounced leh-go, that’s not the problem – the problem arises when we start talking about it, particularly once plurals get all up in the mix. Do you say “Legos” (because you are American) or “Lego” (because you are not) when referring to one or more bricks?

Don’t bother answering, because we now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, have the definitive answer:

Sorted. It's not "Legos" (could have told you that). But it's sort of also not "Lego" – you can't say "I'm just going to go and play with my Lego" or “Help my legs are made of Lego,” as it needs to be followed up with a noun, like "set", "bricks" or "tape".

If we’re really going into the nitty gritty with this, “Lego” functions as more of a noun adjunct, as using the word “Lego” tells us what the thing being described is made of. In this case, it alters the word “bricks” to mean something very specific, in the same way that “coffee” turns “beans” into something completely different.

Also, it seems the bods in charge want it in capital letters the whole time, too*, which is fine, but remember not to pull that stylistic technique over to the spoken word – you don’t need to scream LEGO whenever you say it. Can if you want though, would probably be pretty funny.

But hey, at least we all know how to say it now. All that’s left is to sort out the whole “cereal” or “cereals” thing.

(Hint: it’s fucking cereal)

*Yeah, I can’t be bothered to go back through the article and find every single time I say Lego, sorry, LEGO, and change it into capital letters. There’s no easy formatting option for that. Le - fuck - LEGO is just going to have to deal with it. So are you. Anyway, I’m off to go and play with my leggo’s.


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