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Someone actually made Homer's Patented Space Age Out-Of-This-World Moon Waffles


The Simpsons knows how to animate food, doesn’t it? Almost every single morsel of edible cartoon glory is utterly mouth-watering, even though none of it actually exists. It’s been drawn by someone. It’s 2D. It is not available to eat in the real world. Yet none of that has ever stopped my saliva glands from pumping up production tenfold. I get hungry when I watch The Simpsons, basically.

And I got ultra hungry during the episode where Homer makes his Patented Space Age Out-Of-This-World Moon Waffles. If you were wondering what they are, they are this:

Chuck a bag full of caramel chewy sweets, a huge glug of waffle batter, and a healthy slop of Liquid Smoke (BBQ sauce) into a waffle press. Once cooked, wrap it around a giant stick of butter, thrust a cocktail stick through the heart and eat it like a pig, you pig. Such a pig.

As Homer says: “Mmmmm, fattening.”

Anyway, some bloke on the internet has made it for real. Here, look, see, watch:

Fucking great shout on actually eating it though, didn’t see that coming. I mean, un-props for not finishing it, but I guess I’ll let him off – heart attack videos on YouTube don’t bring in the hits like cooking ones do.

Obviously, Homer’s favourite waffles are inedible, and something you should never cook, but Andrew Rea (the headless guy above) is providing a public service here, so he’s come up with a recipe for an actual, proper waffle dish that you definitely can eat.

Yeah, it looks nice and all, Andrew, but it also looks like a hell of a lot of effort – think I’m just gonna go for Homer’s original recipe, thank you very much. I ain’t got time for faff.



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