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Game of Thrones: Five biggest moments from episode 3, season 6

So far, Game of Thrones’ sixth season has been an intense, heady mix.

There've been funerals, death, old-person magic, resurrection, kinslaying, kingslaying, feeding babies to dogs, bringing back dead people and a bit of skull-crushing thrown in for good measure. Oh and some tree-mojo-time travel-flashbacks, just to shake things up.

It’s been an arresting start to the season in a show that’s quite happy setting the table at the start of each year. But Game of Thrones is picking up pace. Despite the characters still moving in their own directions (and as we learn this week, some characters going in completely new directions) there’s a sense of things coming full circle this year, a weird calm descending in a world where grim, claw-your-own-face-off-with-grief awfulness is usually a dime a dozen.

Fans have been highly anticipating this week’s episode, Oathbreaker, for one big reason in particular (see below) but despite featuring a lot less death (comparatively), Game of Thrones has started to see the wood for the trees and it’s all the more satisfying for it. Here are the five biggest moments from Oathbreaker.



Game of Thrones: 5 biggest moments from episode 2, season 6

Bran Stark.jpg

Bran is going to change everything in Game of Thrones this season


Game of Thrones: 5 biggest moments from episode one



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