A video has leaked showing the new iPhone


At the close of 2015, rumours emerged from Apple's vast Asian supply chain that a new smartphone was in the works: the iPhone 6C.

A four inch model, analysts familiar with the component suppliers who build Apple's phones outlined a cheaper, smaller handset (the same size as the old iPhone 5) with an updated processor and Apple Pay functions.

With the rumoured reveal date of March looming large, a video has emerged purporting to show off the new 6C handset.

The video's makers, MIC Gadget, don't give any details of how they got their hands on the phone (but lets face it, if we were as badly paid as some of the workers there we'd totally be smuggling out handsets for a payday).

China's electronics market is renowned for its impressive knock offs and copies - so there's a chance someone has heavily adapted the components of an old iPhone 5 to gain the curved edges of an iPhone 6. 

We'll have to wait until Apple's March event for more definite answers to emerge.


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