The Outfit


Having scoured the latest collections and reviewed timeless classics, The Outfit will build you a new ensemble every week. Four items, revealed Monday to Thursday, will culminate in a look every Friday. Best make some room in your wardrobe.

(Image: Martin Strattner)

  • The Outfit

    ASOS Duster Coat

    We've spent many an evening attempting to exhaust the depths of ASOS' vast online selection. With new looks added on a weekly basis, the range of men's fashion can be a touch... overwhelming. As such, we've called upon the expertise of their menswear design director John Mooney to select some of the site's best new offerings, starting with this versatile duster coat.

    "Ideal for those summer evenings, light weight and deconstructed, the duster jacket is the perfect carry-about jacket and throw on layer," says Mooney. "It can dress down a formal look and dress up casual."


  • The Outfit 1

    ASOS Shirt In Oversized Fit And Grid Check

    Such is the shifting rail of seasonal fashion, a shirt which would have seen you laughed off the street five years ago now sees itself reaching the heights of peek cool. 

    "Key for the summer season, both grid checked and oversized, this goes great with jeans trousers and shorts," says ASOS menswear design director John Mooney. "The ideal vacation shirt."


  • The Outfit 2

    ASOS Leather sandals

    "With a sock or not?" That’s the question being asked by ASOS' menswear design director John Mooney - and we'll leave the answer as to how you wear this leather gladiator sandal up to you (leaning heavily toward 'not'). 

    "A great modern version of the gladiator with wedged lightweight sole," says Mooney. "It can finish off a very modern contemporary look."


  • The Outfit 3

    ASOS wide leg smart trouser

    Trousers are changing. That's the wisdom offered by ASOS menswear design director John Mooney, who's picked out a new piece from the season to represent the bang-on trend.

    "As the trouser shift moves away from slim designs and leg widths get wider, our new wide crop is a great way to invest in this and new season trends."


  • The Outfit 4

    ASOS selection

    A set of summer threads assembled by ASOS' menswear design director John Mooney.

    Coat: £65
    Shirt: £22
    Sandals: £40
    Trousers: £30

  • The Outfit 5

    Ma.strum Packable Rain Tunic

    Temperamental. Short. A myth. However you choose to describe the British summer, you stand a much better chance of enjoying its unconventional charm with some MA.STRUM kit in your wardrobe.

    From hardy denim to technical outerwear, their range will stand up to everything the season can throw at you. Their owner and CEO John Sharp has helped pick out an outfit that will see you through the 'warm' months ahead.

    "An essential for the unpredictable British summertime, a lightweight in ripstop nylon that can pack away inside its own bag when not needed. An ideal throw-on when the heavens open…"


  • The Outfit 6

    Ma.Strum Multi Pocket Military Shirt

    While we can't promise you warmer weather, one aspect of summer we can bank on is more daylight hours - which always seem to translate into more time spent in beer gardens. MA.STRUM CEO John Sharp's next pick is thus an essential piece of summer work/casual wear.

    "A great shirt for the spring to summer shift, lightweight and breathable with a distinct military style that will see you from the office to your local with ease."


  • The Outfit 7

    Ma.Strum Compass Embroidery Tee

    For those occasions on when the sun finally makes an appearance, you're going to want a tee shirt that actually fits. MA.STRUM's CEO John Sharp has a personal favourite.

    "A go-to classic - a soft handle cotton tee with a subtle MA.STRUM compass embroidery to the upper chest. This is a top option worn underneath a shirt or as a standalone layer, weather permitting, of course."


  • The Outfit 8

    The summer suit from Claudio Lugli

    Well first there's the wedding of your university friend you haven't seen in god-knows how many years. Then there's that day at the races. And the awards event. And that's just June. 

    In short, you need a new suit. With their range of colourful prints and Italian sensibilities, Claudio Lugli is on hand to help out - with offerings like this fitted beige three-piece. Job done.


  • The Outfit 9

    Formal shirt by Claudio Lugli

    It's hard to get a white shirt right - a careful balancing act between a washed-out, plain affair and an over-designed reject from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

    Claudio Lugli navigates this line perfectly, with subtle elements such as red threading and a hidden floral print adding to an otherwise formal staple.


  • The Outfit 10

    SUKIES SHOES by Claudio Lugli

    Pizzas, operas and arguments - all things in which should be left to the Italians, along with designing your next pair of formal shoes.

    These Sukies from Claudio Lugli are a case in point: all leather, hand painted with an embusted fringe and tassel, you may find yourself overdressing on a trip to the shops just to wear these in.


  • The Outfit 11


    Matching a tie to a patterned suit can be a tricky business. Best avoid clashing geometric prints and go for something with a bit of texture, like this knitted silk number from Aquascutum. Works with any plain shirt you've got in the wardrobe - just remember to match it with a dark belt and shoes.


  • The Outfit 12

    Summer suit

    Whether its for a summer wedding or a warm weather formal, you'll never regret investing in a versatile lightweight suit. That, or you could turn up to the next barbecue looking seriously sharp.

    Suit: £250
    Shirt: £70
    Shoes: £270
    Tie: £95

  • The Outfit 13

    Laskalla Tee

    Surf's up. By which we mean, time to book yourself that beach getaway you've spent most of your Monday fantasising about. 

    To ensure you turn up on the sands looking the part, we've asked Animal's head designer, Karl Read, to select his favourite pieces from their latest line - opening with this Laskalla tee. 

    "Illustration T-shirts are one of Animal's strongest growing categories," says Read. "With a strong team of in house artists, it's not surprising to see why. This a great example of the humour that Animal is known for. Available in white and French Navy, it's a Mid fit, in a lighter weight 100 percent cotton fabric. Perfect for summer."


  • The Outfit 14

    Darwin hybrid shorts

    'Hybrid shorts' will probably conjure an image of a tragic zip-off trouser construction last seen in a charity shop circa 2001. We're happy to report that Animal's Darwin shorts are not a descendant of this wardrobe malfunction - they're far more useful, as head designer Karl Read explains:

    "With the appearance of a conventional walk short the Darwin performs just like a high performance board short. It's quick drying, lightweight, comfortable and uses stretch fabrics giving you a fully functional, versatile short whether you are in the water, or chilling out in the bar afterwards."


  • The Outfit 15

    Aeon Front Zip

    Animal are getting back into the wetsuit business. Which is good news - given that British waters are still on the cold side of freezing. Head designer Karl Read talks us through their new summer offering: 

    "The AEON includes features such as a liquidised seam system that uses a flexible specialised liquid compound to guarantee seam security, A-Lock Zip and A-Flex Pro, Contour control seams using body mapping technology, AK knee pads and a seal skin neck to prevent rubbing and rashes."


  • The Outfit 16

    Knoxe backpack

    No one enjoys having to spend an hour looking through half a mile of beach for the car keys after a day of damp surfing, only to find them in that pocket of your coat (trust us, we've done it). Best get yourself a sand-friendly bag for that seaside trip.

    "'The 'Knoxe' has a casual look with great functional features," explains Animal's head designer Karl Read. "16oz of canvas, a fold-top opening, PU trims, padded straps, a padded laptop sleeve, and waxed cotton adjustable cord side storage."


  • The Outfit 17

    Surf season

    An assortment of beachwear for both on and off the board.

    T-shirt: £20
    Shorts: £50
    Wetsuit: £190
    Bag: £45

  • The Outfit 18

    Herschel & Clarks Originals Desert Boot

    Gin and tonic. Sunshine and barbecues. Sunburn and sun cream. Fashion is getting in on the trend of strong summer partnerships, with a wealth of collaborations filling high streets. Take this pairing from outdoor specialists Herschel and Clarks Originals: their reworking the classic desert boot combines a suede upper with a smooth leather tongue and rubber crepe sole. A simple, clean shoe that can easily be dressed up or down (read: wear with jeans or something smart).


  • The Outfit 19

    UNIQLO×Michael Bastian polo shirt

    "A designer collaboration? Best hide my wallet" is a common response to the summer's biggest partnerships. Not in the case of Uniqlo's renewed line with Michael Bastian - featuring this tasty new polo shirt. A simple, inexpensive design of banded stripes and light cotton fabric, it's ideal for building up one of those embarrassing tan lines you're actually quite proud of. Here's hoping the sun sticks around long enough to make it happen.


  • The Outfit 20

    Nigel Cabourn x Fred Perry 1953 Half Zip Training Top

    Nigel Cabourn loves table tennis. A lot. So much so that the British fashion designer has partnered with Fred Perry to create a whole range of wiff waff-inspired threads - like this half zip training top. Made from fleece-back cotton sweat with an elasticated cuff and hem, it's an essential piece of close-fitting sports luxe.


  • The Outfit 21

    Summer collaborations

    A selection of some of the best subtle, clean collaborations from the summer's releases. Because two heads are often better than one.

    Desert boot: £95
    T-Shirt: £14.90
    Training top: £150

  • The Outfit 22


    Denim - the most ubiquitous of fabrics that is so very hard to get exactly right. This week's outfit is by no means meant to be worn all at once (quadruple denim is a look best left for '90s Justin Timberlake), but should introduce you to some new worthwhile items - like Pepe Jean's slim fit jacket. Casual, hardy and goes with just about anything.


  • The Outfit 23


    Once a questionable style decision, now a casual staple, the humble denim shirt has always been championed by the likes of Levi's. The Barstow Western shirt draws on the brand's American heritage western yoke details, sawtooth flap front-pockets and a snap-front closure.


  • The Outfit 24


    Headed to the park? Best pick up a pair of these. The heavy denim canvas of these TOMS can survive a string of summer kickabouts, taking grass stains and spilt ketchup in its stride. And yes, you can wear them with jeans.


  • The Outfit 25

    APC New Cure Jean

    These slim cut jeans from Parisian style kings APC are made from a refined raw denim (so no washing them at 60 degrees, okay?). Styled with a higher rise, tapered leg and a narrow opening at the cuffs, they're the 'mature' denim you've been looking for.


  • The Outfit 26

    The denim selection

    A pick of denim essentials you'd do well to include in your summer wardrobe. Definitely not to be worn all at once.

    Jacket: £265
    Shirt: £70
    Shoes: £44.99
    Jeans: £135

  • The Outfit 27

    Larsson & Jennings LJX custom watch bar

    Custom. Bespoke. Words often bandied about with casual abandon as labels attempt to convince you to part ways with your cash in return for something vaguely unique.

    This week's Outfit contains a handful of the real thing - custom offerings that have to be hunted down, like the LJX bespoke bar of the Larsson & Jennings store on 53 Monmouth St, London. Available in-store only, the service allows you to match your preferred watch to a range of Swedish and British leather strap designs. A vast number of possible combinations, your only limitations will be your imagination and the depths of your pockets. 

    Prices start from £215

  • The Outfit 28

    Custom hand-painted shoes from B Street Shoes

    Skip the inevitable disappointment of finding your preferred trainer colourway sold out and commission your own custom, hand-painted number from B Street Shoes. Working with Nike, TOMS, Converse and Vans models, you can either pick from the store's designs or outline your own dream trainer. Guaranteed to be different to every other trainer on the high street.

    Prices vary according to shoe style and design

  • The Outfit 29

    Atelier made-to-measure glasses

    "I don't suit glasses" is the oft-used line of a man easily bored by the prospect of trying on umpteen glasses with an impractically tiny mirror on hand to review the results. We don't blame you - but you shouldn't give up the search. Instead, point your browser over to the custom-made designs of Atelier: their webcam system will measure your face from the comfort of your desk, building a set of glasses that promise the prefect fit. 

    From £255

  • The Outfit 30

    Spoke custom-fit chinos

    Struggling to find the perfect fitting trouser? You should check out the custom service of Spoke: as well as picking your waist and leg measurements you're able to dictate your 'build', adjusting for larger thighs or keeping things close to your leg - all without the awkward process of having a tape measure graze your plums.

    Washed cotton chinos start at £79

  • The Outfit 31

    Custom crafts

    Because there's always someone trying to be different...

    Custom watches: Prices start from £215
    Custom shoes: Prices vary
    Made-to-measure chinos: From £79
    Made-to-measure glasses: From £255

  • The Outfit 32


    It's time to start talking about shorts. Not wearing them - but rather flagging up that those tired old denim cutoffs you've been wheeling out for the last few summers need binning. Summer's high streets are set to be filled with lightweight, breathable cottons and linens, like this Stanton Short by J Crew. With a soft rumpled, look, they're set to become the anchor of your summer look.


    Added detail: Made with Irish linen from Baird McNutt, they're supposed to look a little worn in (which means you don't have to feel guilty about not ironing them). 

  • The Outfit 33

    Long Sleeve Linen Shirt by Uniqlo

    You're right, linen is a bit of a faff to look after. Which is why Uniqlo set about searching for a material that wouldn't buckle at the first sign of a machine wash. The result? A soft French linen, lightweight but capable of a quick tumble.


    Added detail: Keep it lose - don't bother tucking a linen shirt in or you're just asking for creases. Oh, and it's available in 12 colours, if you're picky.

  • The Outfit 34

    Aviator Classic by Ray-Ban

    Quite possibly the most iconic sunglasses design on the shelf, you can think of this is a moment of sun-inspired indulgence. Sure £125 is a lot to spend on some glass and metal, but when the metal is gold and the glass is UV protected, it's a worthwhile investment. First launched in 1937, it's not like they're going to go out of style.


    Added detail: The Ray-Ban online store offers a full customising service, allowing you to change the colour of the frame, lenses and frame tips. Engraving included as standard.

  • The Outfit 35

    Slaten Free Denim Canvas Shoe by Clarks

    You know the score - you need to attend to a barbecue-related incident at the end of the garden and you can't be bothered to tie the laces on your trainers to race down there. In steps (literally) the Slaten Free: a step-down feature on the heel lets you kick them on and off with ease, while a breathable footbed lets you get away sans socks. The perfect shoe for those of you who spend half of summer barefoot. 


    Added detail: Not a fan of denim shoes? Their available in olive as well.

  • The Outfit 36

    Light layers

    With the temperatures gradually rising, time to thin our your layers in favour of some linen and light accessories. Best take a brolly, just to be safe.

    Shorts: £85
    Shirt: £29.90
    Glasses: £125
    Shoes: £45

  • The Outfit 37

    Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit

    The regret is probably starting to kick in now, but that's not going to change the fact that the summer charity run you signed up is now cresting the horizon. This week's Outfit won't work miracles, but it could help in getting you over the line. Take these Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit trainers: super lightweight, its knitted construction hugs your foot for maximum support, while the contoured midsole encourages a natural footstrike. 


    Added detail: The hexagonal 'flex' grooves that cover the sole of these runners help you foot move naturally in every direction. So, less sore feet and blisters. And they only weigh 173 grams (which isn't much). 

  • The Outfit 38

    Gear Shift Boxers by 2UNDR

    Chaffing: the uncomfortable nemesis of the long distance runner. If a hefty dose of talcum powder isn't seeing you through your chosen distance, time to invest in a pair of these. The Gear Shift underwear does just that, shifting your gear out of harms way with the JoeyPouch - a pocket of wicking fabric that prevents skin-on-skin contact.


    Added detail: The Spandex-blend fabric and athletic cut give the Gear Shift a comfortable, compression-like fit. 

  • The Outfit 39

    A400 top by Skins

    In addition to looking like something Bruce Wayne might slip into late at night, the SKINS A400 t-shirt has much fabric tech squeezed into it as the average Batsuit.

    Breathable technology keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot (we don't know how either, but it works), while silicone grippers on the hems stop it from riding up - so no more adjusting mid-race. Something called "warp knit fabric construction" also cuts out any risk of chaffing.


    Added detail: It'll help keep you alive as well - 360-degree reflectivity from glass beads make it easy for drivers to see you on your night runs

  • The Outfit 40

    Merino Wool running shorts by Ashmei

    Forget your plastic-based synthetic fabrics, Ashmei has stuck with good old fashioned wool to keep you comfortable on your run. A 100 percent merino wool layer sits next to your skin, keeping you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold. A lightweight microfibre over-short layer gives added protection (and keeps you decent).


    Added detail: A pocket sits at the rear of the shorts for your keys and phone. Just remember to take them out before collapsing on a park bench.

  • The Outfit 41

    Gallivant suitcase by Reiss x SteamLine

    Spring is in. The chaps at Greenwich said so. So if you haven't already, it's time to start considering your summer city breaks and sunny escapades. While we'll leave the destination up to you, best head in the direction of Reiss for your luggage solution. Their new collaboration with SteamLine includes this classy carry-on: vulcanised fibre board, studded leather and metal details, the Gallivant could be the best-looking item you take on holiday. 


    Added detail: "But can I use it as cabin luggage?" At 23 inches by 15.7 inches by 7.8 inches, it should squeeze in to most overhead allowances.  

  • The Outfit 42

    Hook Line and Sinker Wash Bag

    Passport? Check. Swimming trunks? Check. Wash kit? You'll be sure to remember this oft overlooked essential if you're packing this neat roll. The angling-themed Hook Line and Sinker bag is made from a hardy khaki canvas with four different compartment for your toiletries. 


    Added detail: True to its name, a handy hook lets you hang this over your sink(er). 

  • The Outfit 43

    Bulldog swimming short by Orlebar Brown

    Since Orlebar Brown set up shop some eight years ago, they've moved men's swim wear from the shallow end of tragic to the deep end of style. Their new line includes a set of prints from Italian specialist Emilio Pucci, bringing some colourful flair to the poolside. To be worn with a tan and relaxed expression.


    Added detail: Made from pure cotton, with metal zip fastenings and waistband, these double as shorts for wearing to the bar.

  • The Outfit 44

    UNIVERSITY CLASSICS Espadrilles by Toms

    While we remain firmly in sock season in the UK, the warm climbs of your next break might allow you to crack out some lighter footwear. Consider spilling the latest Toms espadrilles into your bag - easily packed, with a canvas upper and latex arch support, they're perfect for the beach or the hotel buffet. 


    Added detail: With a suede insole, these won't fall apart on your second trip out like your last pair of flip flops.

  • The Outfit 45

    Brixton Oath Longsleeve Tee Shirt at

    Founder of, Adam Scotland is well versed in the shifting world of American street style. For this week's outfit, Scotland takes us through some of his favourite picks from Spring 2015, like this longsleeve tee from Brixton Oath. "Brixton make some of the best looking clothes in the business and their simple logo treatments are always great," says Scotland, noting the logo that appears on the back of the tee. "This Oath Longsleeve tee shirt is one of my personal favourites."


  • The Outfit 46

    Vans Old Skool at

    Next up in Adam Scotland's guide to streetwear - a trainer staple. "You can never go wrong with a pair of white Vans, whether you like to beat them up beyond recognition or keep them pristine and fresh," says Scotland. "The Old Skool is my favourite silhoutte; I will wear this shoe forever."



  • The Outfit 47

    The Hundreds Strike Snapback

    If you're in doubt over headgear, The Daily Street co-found Adam Scotland recommends keeping it simple. "I am rarely found without a black snapback and have an almost endless supply of different designs. I love the mixed application of the printed hyena graphic and embroidered old lettering on this new one from The Hundreds."


  • The Outfit 48

    Nike SB RPM Backpack

    "I take a laptop with me everywhere so I'm always in need of a functional and durable backpack that doesn't skimp on the design," says Adam Scotland, co-founder of The Daily Street. "This piece from Nike SB covers all of those bases."


  • The Outfit 49

    Streetwear selection

    A handsome, clean streetwear selection from The Daily Street co-founder Adam Scotland. 

    Longsleeve tee shirt: £34.99
    Trainers: £49.99
    Cap: £30
    Bag: £65

  • The Outfit 50


    There's a sniff of spring on the air. Best not inhale too hard though, else it'll be gone within the week. A much more suitable form of preparation would be in netting yourself a new warm weather jacket, like this woven cotton number by Our Legacy. Minimalist, lightweight, this is perfect for slipping over a tee or casual shirt.


    Added detail: A clean design, the only extra features are a single-button collar, button cuffs and breast pocket (which we forbid you from using for your pens).

  • The Outfit 51

    Stan T-Shirt By Tommy Hilfigre

    Been ruining your upper body in preparation for that beach holiday? Us neither, but it's an enviable idea. The lines of this Stan t-shirt from Tommy Hilfigre will help enhance the physique of anyone with a sculpted frame. If you're nervous of showing off a bit of a belly, just go up a size on your normal fit. 


    Added detail: A 100 percent cotton build, Tommy's branding sneaks in in the form of a small flag on the left sleeve.

  • The Outfit 52

    Rhapsody Sunglasses by Hook LDN

    While summer temperatures are still a good calendar-turn away, dazzling sunshine is starting to become a weekly fixture. If you've misplaced last year's sunnies, or just fancy something new, best consider the subtle handmade frames of Hook LDN. Sturdy three-barrel hinges, acetate build and available in a range of conservative colours.


    Added detail: Offering full UVA and UVB protection, a neat leather travel case will help fend off any unwanted scratches.

  • The Outfit 53

    2-EYE DOUBLE SOLE boat shoe by Sperry Top-Sider

    Though it might sound like a character from Captain Pugwash, you should take Sperry Top-Sider very seriously. Creators of the "modern" boat shoe in 1935, their 2-Eye Double Sole stays faithful to the original design, with a hand sewn construction and leather lacing. 


    Added detail: While you'll want to avoid getting any water on the suede upper, the clever wave-siped bottom soles provide plenty of grip on slippery surfaces.

  • The Outfit 54

    The Spring Selection

    It's officially spring. The calendar said so. As such, you might want to stock up on some seasonal staples. 

    Jacket: £160
    T-Shirt: £35
    Sunglasses: £85
    Shoes: £95

  • The Outfit 55

    Killer Stretch Indigo Jeans by Alpinestars

    The bikers are back. Not the hellish-type - the busy walks of January's London Collections: Men saw fashion types rubbing shoulders in leather jackets and boots. To get in on the act, we reached out to model, stuntman and motocross rider Jacob Young to give insights into versatile biker attire - like these stretch jeans from Alpinestars. "Alpinestars are my chosen brand for any motorcross gear when I ride, and I think it's cool that they have the lifestyle collection too. Their jeans are a great fit and and last the test of time."


  • The Outfit 56

    Frontal Matchless Tee by Deus

    Taking the biker look quite literally, this Deus tee is the right kind of open-road fandom. "Deus is a new and bold lifestyle brand," explains Jacob Young. "This illustrated bike tee is a necessary key item for any stylish chap this summer; biker or not."

    Head to the Deus Ex Machina site for even more 'cycle related prints and clothing.


  • The Outfit 57

    Black Colorado Boots by CAT

    "A good pair of tough black boots are a staple for anyone who rides," explains Jacob Young. "CAT have really taken my eye this season." Don't worry, they fit in to the footwear of a gasto pub just as well as a biker bar. 


  • The Outfit 58

    Bronx’ socks by Stance x Eat Dust

    "Eat Dust are a group of bikers who run a high end menswear brand from Antwerp," says Jacob Young. "They're really making waves at the moment. Stance make really good quality socks, so this collaboration is a match made in heaven!" 


  • The Outfit 59

    Biker basics

    Stuntman and model Jacob Young has given us his round-up of wardrobe essentials for the contemporary biker. Suitable for rides on the open road, or quiet drinks at your local. 

    Jeans: £50
    Tee Shirt: £35
    Boots: £110
    Socks: £16

  • The Outfit 60

    Adidas Mod Trefoil Crew SPZL

    You can put any ideas of polyester tracksuits and DayGlo jackets out of your mind - Gary Aspden's collaboration with adidas Originals is the kind of sportswear that you want in your daily wardrobe. The spring/summer 2015 Spezial collection draws on sporting staples, like this crew jumper, and adds a contemporary design twist. 


    Added detail: You can see the full range in action in this atmospheric short film

  • The Outfit 61

    Adidas Indoor Court SPZL

    We're no strangers to special edition Adidas trainers here on, but every now and again a limited release gets us itchy to click the Buy button. Take these reworked Indoor Court of the SPEZIAL collection: decked out in a wash of white leather and breathable mesh, these are the perfect urban sneakers.


    Added detail: With a shock-absorbing sole straight from the squash/tennis court, you'll struggle to find a comfortable trainer.

  • The Outfit 62

    Adidas Jog-On Tee SPZL

    We regard slogan tees with the same scepticism we do the selfie stick: they're fascinating too observe in the wild, but we'll be damned if we'll ever be caught with one. We're making an exception of the Adidas Jog-On tee - just the right level of humour with a smattering of vintage sporting credentials.


    Added detail: A cotton build, best heed the slogan's advice and avoid using this for your next run.

  • The Outfit 63

    Haslingden Jacket

    Winter might be on the way out, but the skies are hardly clearing for the onset of spring. Made from a durable wind- and waterproof cotton, with a plain weave lining fabric, the Haslingden jacket of the Spezial collection is a hardy slice of streetwear.


    Added detail: Should things eventually brighten up, the hood is detachable thanks to snap-off fastenings

  • The Outfit 64

    A Spezial Mention

    Gary Aspden's collaboration with Adidas Originals takes your fond memories of the "good old days" of sportswear and brings it right up to date. It might not be as cheap as you remember, but it's infinitely more stylish. 

    Jumper: £93
    Trainers: £90
    T-Shirt: £35
    Coat: £460

  • The Outfit 65

    Liquiproof footwear protection

    This week's Outfit is going to help you keep your clothes looking store-fresh - from denim protectors to this sole-saver: Liquiproof spray coats the fabric of your shoes in an invisible layer of hydrophobic SiO2 particles, preventing oils, water or dropped food from staining your new kicks. You can watch it in action here


    Added detail: Suitable for use on (deep breath) cotton, canvas, synthetics, tweed, leather (not patent), suede, nubuck, satin and silk.

  • The Outfit 66

    Mr Black Denim Refresh

    Want to spot a denim purist? Explain in intricate detail how you subjected your new jeans to a 40 degree "Intensive Stain" cycle - they'll be the one swinging a punch before you finish the story.

    They probably use something like Mr Black's Denim Refresh to keep their jeans in near-new condition - a non-chemical spray, it protects denim from oil, stains and bacteria, extending its lifespan and prolonging time between washes. 


    Added detail: Dreived from plant extracts, it even kills off unwanted odours - not that we remember the last time we had cause to sniff our jeans. 

  • The Outfit 67

    Red Wing Leather Protector

    Be it a questionable (scratch that, we've just discovered they're back in) biker jacket, satchel or set of boots, Red Wing's leather protector is going to ensure your cherished cowhide lasts longer than the rest of your wardrobe.  A few sprays of this pushes water, grease and salt to the surface where it can be wiped clean.


    Added detail: Don't worry - its clever formula won't stain your leather a darker colour like other conditions might.

  • The Outfit 68


    Until science provides us with X-Men mind powers, this is will have to do. Oakley's spray creates an hydrophobic layer on your glasses, repelling all water, dirt and oils and preventing unwanted smudges. Far more effective than the old breathe-and-rub technique. 


    Added detail: One bottle is good for about 50 applications.

  • The Outfit 69

    Wardrobe proctectors

    A selection of sprays and rubs that'll protect your outfit from the hardships of the world. Stains, mainly. 

    Liquiproof footwear protection: £10
    Denim Refresh: £13.50
    Red Wing leather protection: £8
    Oakley hydrophobic lens cleaner: £17

  • The Outfit 70

    Stryker Suit by Reiss

    Like limited edition steelbooks and retail loyalty cards, a man can never have too many suits. To ensure you're sorted for that next wedding/formal excursion/trip to the races, Reiss' head of menswear design Alex Field has put together a dapper selection from the 2015 collection.

    "A dark navy suit is a menswear perennial and is always in style," says Field. "The Stryker suit is cut in a modern fit for a contemporary-meets-classic silhouette, while the tonal check design offers subtle interest."


    Check out our competition to win a £1,000 Reiss gift card

  • The Outfit 71

    Edinburgh black leather shoes by Reiss

    "Black leather Oxford shoes have been a constant in men’s footwear collections for decades because of their timeless appeal and endless versatility", explains Alex Field, head of menswear design at Reiss. "A pair which draw on simple design will ensure a clean, unfussy finish to a formal look."


    Check out our competition to win a £1,000 Reiss gift card

  • The Outfit 72

    Antonio black textured tie by Reiss

    "A knitted tie is a great way to add subtle texture to a tailored look," says Alex Field, head of menswear design at Reiss. "For maximum impact choose a pure silk tie which offers a luxurious, classic way to add interest to your outfit. Woven in a patterned design, this Antonio black tie offers a contemporary take on an iconic accessory."


    Check out our competition to win a £1,000 Reiss gift card

  • The Outfit 73

    Milano Slim-Fit Shirt

    "The white shirt should form the cornerstone of a man’s workwear wardrobe," says Alex Filed, head of menswear designer at Reiss. "A blank canvas, it’s the ideal base for experimenting with accessories and suit fabrications. Make sure that you choose a shirt with a high cotton content, and for a modern look choose a slim-fit cut."


    Check out our competition to win a £1,000 Reiss gift card

  • The Outfit 74

    In the navy

    "The navy suit is a timeless style, but when cut in a modern fit and woven with a tonal check design it will look current," explains Alex Field, head of menswear design at Reiss. "Complement a navy suit with a white shirt and a black silk knitted tie. Finish the look by donning some black leather Oxford shoes. These colour pairings offer timeless finesse while the fit of the suit and tonal check look bang up to date."

    Suit: £495
    Shoes: £159
    Tie: £59
    Shirt: £79

    Check out our competition to win a £1,000 Reiss gift card

  • The Outfit 75

    Portland Jacket By Oliver Spencer

    Getting fed up with all the baggy layers? Us too. Keep it quiet, but temperatures are starting to creep up a bit, meaning you can get some sartorial style back in your wardrobe - like this close-fitting Portland jacket by Oliver Spencer. A cotton and elastane thread ensures a close, figure-hugging fit.


    Added detail: That loop lapel isn't just for show - you can button up the neck extra close for when the wind picks up. 

  • The Outfit 76


    We're not sure where it went, but apparently the grandad collar is "back". Good thing too, with us getting bored of button-down numbers. Crafted from super-soft cotton, this is one to have on hand for when things (finally) start getting warm enough for just one layer under your jacket. 


    Added detail: A French brand, using Italian cotton, with an Oxford cloth style, this is a pan-European shirt.

  • The Outfit 77

    Paul Smith Suede Penny Loafer

    The puddles are drying up. Honest. The grime-covered pavements of winter are almost past - perfect territory for these penny loafers from Paul Smith. Italian suede with tonal stitching and leather lining, best check the weather forecast before taking these out for a spin. 

    £275 at Woodhouse Clothing

    Added detail: Yep, those are wooden trims and a wooden heel. You're allowed to ditch the socks with these. 

  • The Outfit 78

    Cotton End On End Slim-Fit Trousers by Jigsaw

    The luxe cotton on these slim-fit trousers from Jigsaw makes for a clean, conservative look. That said, they'd still work with a well-fitted plain t-shirt. 


    Added detail: There are welt pockets on the back of these, but you might not want to stick a bulky wallet or smartphone in there in case you stretch the cotton. 

  • The Outfit 79

    Slim-fit smart

    A selection of slim-fitting, sleek items to bring contrast to the baggy layers of the last few months.

    Jacket: £329
    Shirt: £130
    Loafers: £275
    Trousers: £98

  • The Outfit 80

    Canterbury Turtle Neck Cold BaseLayer

    With this weekend's Six Nations set to fill you with aspirations of games of tag rugby down the park (you want to play full contact on a frozen field? Didn't think so), we thought it best to send you out fully equipped. This baselayer from Canterbury is designed to act as a skin tight barrier between you and the cold. And yes, you're allowed to wear it for less brisk tasks like walking the dog. 


    Added detail:The insulating fibres of this baselayer still manage to wick and evaporate sweat, keeping you comfortable when your heart rate gets up.

  • The Outfit 81

    adidas Incurza TRX Boots

    Designed with firm ground in mind (read as: frozen muddy field of pain), these adidas Incurza boots will help anyone looking to work on their kicking game: a hybrid rubber upper on the toe and instep will give maximum purchase on the ball - so if you don't put it through the posts, you can't blame these.


    Added detail: Bored of black boots? They're available in silver as well.

  • The Outfit 82

    Under Armour Mirage Shorts

    With fabric that stretches in four directions, these training shorts from Under Armour are designed with movement in mind. The lightweight, stretchable fabric is also moisture wicking, helping cut down on any unwanted chaffing. So at least you'll be comfortable during the game, right up until the prop lands a crunching tackle on you.


    Added detail: Don't worry - there's a draw cord waistband to ensure you don't lose these in the next ruck 

  • The Outfit 83

    RBS 6 Nations Harlequin Rugby Shirt

    We were going to go with one of the home nation shirts for this collection, but the office discussion as to who should be selected nearly boiled over into a fight. As such, we went for the neutral option - the official RBS 6 Nations shirt of the tournament. Perfect for getting caked in mud while your team kit is kept clean for trips to the pub.


    Added detail: A tough cotton finish, there's number six on the back. You can probably figure out why. 

  • The Outfit 84

    Back to training

    Should the Six Nation's inspire a sudden urge to head out and pass a mud-splattered ball around, this kit should keep you comfortable in the cold conditions. 

    Insulating base layer: £29.99
    Boots: £65
    Shorts: £20
    Six Nations shirt: £37.99

  • The Outfit 85

    KHUPRUS Four Pocket Cotton Jacket

    This week's outfit delves into the depths of Ted Baker's new collection, assembling a look of smart-stroke-casual necessities.

    We start with a great outdoor number. Military on the outside, this pure cotton jacket gains some added flair thanks to a pop art lining. A lightweight piece with a quad of patch pockets on the front, it's got versatile dressing well and truly covered. 


  • The Outfit 86

    ROOFTOP Patterned Merino Polo Neck Jumper

    Crafted from merino wool, this long sleeved number is a godsend on chillier days. The simple geometric jacquard woven panel is perfect for breaking up a layered look - which, let's face it, you're going to be needing for a few months to come.


  • The Outfit 87

    SATRO Patterned Suit Trousers

    Are your formal trousers starting to look a bit tired? Time for a patterned upgrade. With their clean lines, pin dot design and pop art linings, these SATRO suit trousers provide can be dressed to just about any shirt and jacket combo you own. Just nothing velvet, okay?


  • The Outfit 88

    PICTON Leather Document Bag by Ted Baker

    No, it's not a manbag - it's a leather document satchel. Yes, there's a difference. Timeless styling with leather corner detailing on the outside, the inner compartments are filled with a geometric print lining. A slick way to neaten up your necessities.


  • The Outfit 89

    Ted Baker selection

    A range of sensible, tidy essentials from the new collection at Ted Baker. 

    Coat: £189
    Jumper: £95
    Trousers: £119
    Satchel: £245

  • The Outfit 90

    CONVEY DOWN PUFFER JACKET by Original Penguin

    While 2014 might have been one of the warmest on record, 2015 is starting out a touch nippy. This weeks outfit will provide you with some sleek, versatile insulating extras - like this puffer from Original Penguin. Deep pockets, woven lining and a hardy plainweave fabric conspire against January's icy blasts.


    Added detail: A thick layer of wadding duck down separates this puffer from the average polyester offering

  • The Outfit 91

    Earthkeepers Waterproof Boots by Timberland

    Snow. Sleet. Rain. Timberland's Earthkeepers aren't phased by any of them - largely because they're boots and they don't know any better. Constructed from a waterproof leather with anti-fatigue tech squeezed into the sole to keep you on your feet, these are the boots you'll be wishing you had next time you slip on black ice. 


    Added detail: The leather used by the Earthkeepers is from a tannery rated Silver by the Leather Working Group for its water, energy and waste management practices. So, environmentally friendly and rugged to boot. 

  • The Outfit 92


    No, we're not claiming they're going to be storm-proof - but the thick cotton and Lycra blend on Paul Smith's pleated chinos at Woodhouse Clothing should help cut out the worst of January's icy breeze. 


    Added detail: Pleated at the front with tonal stitching, the slim fit of these chinos manages to tread that tricky line of smart/casual 

  • The Outfit 93

    Merino crew neck sweater by Uniqlo

    You know about Merino wool, right? That it's from a breed of Spanish sheep (called Merino, obviously), famed for its soft, warm, durable wool? And that sweaters made from it, like this grey number from Uniqlo, offer an essential layer for dealing with the bleak weather? Good, glad you're on the same page.


    Added detail: Unlike most Merino jumpers, Uniqlo's is machine washable. It's also available in a host of more aggressive colours, should grey be a little to conservative. 

  • The Outfit 94

    Warming wardrobe

    From insulating down to weatherproof leather, each layer of this slick winter outfit is designed to help keep the cold at bay. Don't worry, only 60-or-so days until the first day of spring...

    Coat: £130
    Boots: £170
    Chinos: £125
    Jumper: £24.90

  • The Outfit 95

    Jersey Sweatpants by Whistles

    While January might sell itself as a month of fresh starts and new goals, the truth is something closer to duvet days and Netflix marathons. This week's outfit will equip you for the lazy evenings ahead - like these jersey sweatpants from Whistles. Ribbed ankle cuffs cut out drafts, while the thick drawstring waist will make you wish the world could do away with belts. 


    Added detail: with an 88 percent cotton blend, these are vastly more comfortable than the polyester pair you should really be wearing to the gym

  • The Outfit 96


    Beyond your formative years, hoodies become something of a grey area: undeniably comfortable, indisputably slothenly, they're best kept to those days when you're unlikely to make it past the front door. This cotton-fleece number from Wallace & Barnes of J Crew is the best you can look while slobbing on the sofa. 


    Added detail: The fleeced cotton finish is so soft, you may struggle to leave the house once you've put it on

  • The Outfit 97

    Bedroom Athletics slippers

    We're going to steer clear of making any jokes about Bedroom Athletics - we don't think you're mature enough. What with their use of Harris tweed fabric and sheepskin lining, it's a shame you can't wear these outside the house (no, you really can't). 


    Added detail: Best wear these with socks - the tweed and sheepskin won't take kindly to washing

  • The Outfit 98


    Those who think all t-shirts are made equal clearly hasn't worn one of Sunspel's. Crafted from a two-fold Egyptian cotton fabric, their Henley t-shirt is staggeringly comfortable. And yes, it is an awful lot for a t-shirt - but we promise you won't be disappointed. 


    Added detail: This three-button fit clings to your body without feeling constrictive. Take your normal size rather than trying to go large.

  • The Outfit 99

    Hibernation Collection

    January isn't a month for getting stuck into the outdoors - it's for planning your route to world domination from the comfort of your duvet and binging on Netflix. And this luxuriously comfortable collection will make it all the more relaxing. 

    Sweatpants: £85
    Hoodie: £80
    Slippers: £59.99
    T-Shirt: £65

  • The Outfit 100

    Tuck-stitch jumper by Folk

    It's January, which means empty bank accounts, grey mornings and a melee of fashion sales. This week's outfit will identify some of the best bargains to be had, such as this tuck-stitch jumper from Folk. Multicoloured excellence, it's still available in medium and large sizes.

    £45 (down from £150)

  • The Outfit 101

    Monmart Rise boot by Clarks

    Mixing the formal lines of a brogue with the aesthetic of a rugged boot, Clark's Monmart Rise can lend some much needed steel to your smart attire. A stitched leather upper, specially formed padded sole, there's a range of decent sizes left if you act fast. 

    £49.99 (down from £89.99)

  • The Outfit 102

    Textured wool trousers by Gap

    Struggling to find a pair of trousers you'd happily wear to the office and beyond? Gap has got you covered. Their wool mixed textured trousers pull off that tricky act of working for both smart and casual occasions. At under £30, these are a great essential to have in your wardrobe for 2015.

    £24.99 (down from £44.95)

  • The Outfit 103

    Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Military Blazer

    Woolrich by name, wool rich by nature, this charcoal blazer has an 80 percent wool blend (nylon makes up the other 20). A thick, immaculate layer of warmth, you're going to wish you'd had it a few months ago. 

    £150.50 (down from £215)

  • The Outfit 104

    Sale selection

    We've fought through the virtual sale racks to find you an outfit of bargain buys. Be warned - you'll have to act quickly if you want to nab the right sizes. 

    Jumper: £45 (down from £150)
    Boots: £49.99 (down from £89.99)
    Trousers: £24.99 (down from £44.95)
    Blazer: £150.50 (down from £215)

  • The Outfit 105


    This week's outfit will get you ready for party season, with a selection put together by Daniel Rhone, personal shopper at Topman and style director of Mens Fashion Magazine.

    "Ever heard of the saying 'less is more'? Well in this instance we are losing the tie in favour of the pin collar shirt for a more contemporary formal stance. The silver collar bar also acts as a form of subtle accessorising that isn't over the top."


    Added detail: The textured finish of the fabric takes off that eyesore shine 

  • The Outfit 106


    Topman's personal shopper Daniel Rhone has got you suited and quite literally booted for the New Year's party."These sleek double monk straps are perfect for both a formal engagement or a night on the town. Made from Italian premium leather and designed with a streamlined modern silhouette, these shoes are the perfect investment buy as they can be worn after the party season is over."


    Added detail: Not a fan of black? They're also available in burgundy

  • The Outfit 107

    White and black watch by Topman

    "Having a good looking timepiece on your wrist this party season is definitely something you should be considering," says Topman personal shopper Daniel Rhone. "This classic and minimal leather-strapped dress watch is the perfect accompaniment with your formal outfit whether your keeping your eye on the clock at your office bash or not."


    Added detail: With a leather strap, no one's going to know you didn't spend over £25 on this beauty

  • The Outfit 108


    "The burgundy velvet jacket is a real statement piece that is appropriate for black tie invitation or the office party," says Daniel Rhone. "With a wide peak lapel and a low drop one button fastening that will elongate the body for a flattering shape."


    Added detail: You don't have to save this number for formal occasions, as Rhone explains: "You can dress the jacket down with a pair of black skinny jeans."

  • The Outfit 109

    Glad rags

    Daniel Rhone, personal shopper at Topman, has selected a suitably slick assortment to see you through the New Year's festivities.

    Shirt: £38
    Shoes: £85
    Watch: £25
    Blazer: £85

  • The Outfit 110

    Loose Knitted Jumper by Label Lab

    You don't need us to tell you it's getting grim out. Suddenly you don't have enough knitwear to keep up with the dropping temperatures, and we're not even halfway through winter (sorry). Label Lab, the House of Fraser own-label, has some fine layers to arm you for the months ahead, like this Rum Raglan knitted jumper. 


    Added detail: A lose knit style, you'll be able to get some extra t-shirts under this cotton number

  • The Outfit 111

    Saucony X Penfield Shadow Original

    Have your trainers seen the wet side of one too many winters? Time for a rugged replacement. A redesign of a 1980's classic, Saucony have teamed up with outdoor specialists Penfield to create the Shadow Original. Comfy, hardy, perfect for a woodland trail or a soggy dog walk.


    Added detail: Teflon-coated with laces borrowed from a hiking boot, these water-proof trainers certainly aren't faking it

  • The Outfit 112

    Muxu Ride Cycling Jean

    Hardy weather calls for hardy clothes - and they don't come much more rugged than Muxu's cycling jeans. Built for bikes, the Japanese fabric is "over-engineered", with triple needle stitching and a denim/elastane polyester blend for durability - making them even more comfortable than standard slim-fit jeans. No matter what conditions you face this December, these Muxu's will still be in great shape come summer.


    Added detail: Should you wear these on your bike, there's a handy 3M reflective strip on the inner leg, exposed when you turn up the jeans

  • The Outfit 113


    No, we don't know what a 'Weather Bomb' is either, but should any more heavy storms blow up in the next few weeks, you'll be glad of having a proper coat in your wardrobe - one that actually stops wind and rain rather than looking swish. Berghaus' Stormcloud jacket is a lightweight shield against the elements, with something called AQ 2 fabric.


    Added detail: At only 285g, the Stormcloud is light enough to stuff in your bag should the clouds subside 

  • The Outfit 114

    Weather bomb proof

    Hardy, rugged, but with more style than the average backpacking outfit, this week's selection will see you through the worst of the wet, cold weather to come.

    Jumper: £39
    Trainers: £95
    Jeans: £90
    Coat: £75

  • The Outfit 115


    It got cold, didn't it? Which, considering we've just snuck into December, shouldn't be as much of a surprise as we're making out - but the sudden cold chill has reminded us that we've misplaced our warming extras. 

    Starting off our week of winter accessories is this versatile grey plaid scarf from J Crew. A generous 1.8 metres long, it's about time you started looking after your neck. 


    Added detail: Made from 100 percent lambswool, if it's good enough for a sheep, it's good enough for us

  • The Outfit 116

    Fisherman Beanie by Shore Leave

    For the next month (or three), hat hair is entirely forgiveable. As is stubble, voluminous layers and just about anything else that can help keep the you warm - like this nepped fisherman's beanie hat by Urban Outfitter's Shore Leave label. 


    Added detail: If grey's a not your style, it's also available in navy and cream

  • The Outfit 117

    Italian Cashmere Gloves by John Lewis

    You could spend most of the winter emptying bottles of skin care product onto your hands in the hopes of keeping them soft. Or, you could fork out £35 to keep them warm and softer than any cream ever could.


    Added detail: At 100 percent cashmere, best not nibble the fingers of these Italian-made gloves 

  • The Outfit 118

    Striped long johns by Gant

    If you're fed up of soggy jeans and stiff joints, you need to invest in a pair of long johns. Yes, the Victorian-esque undergrament. Gant has done their darndest to make the grandfather layer a touch better looking - though we doubt many people will be seeing them.


    Added detail: The elasticated waste and ankles will help shut out any cold breezes

  • The Outfit 119

    Extra layers

    Winter isn't messing around any more. It's cold, wet and if you're planning on spending any time outside you're going to need to layer up. Let these warm essentials look after your extremities.

    Scarf: £59.50
    Hat: £18
    Gloves: £35
    Long johns: £32

  • The Outfit 120

    adidas Tubular Runner

    Our selection of sensible sportswear begins with the new pin-up model from adidas. 

    In addition to the titular tyre-inspired sole, the Tubular packs in a feast of modern sports tech, including a sock-fit neoprene upper and laser-cut heel cage. Ideal for that jog you're probably not going to go on, or that more probably walk to the chip shop.


    Added detail: The funny-looking sole actually helps with weight distribution, making sure you don't ruin your ankles before you're 50 (you can still wear them if you're past 50, we just doubt you'll be reading this)

  • The Outfit 121

    Nike x Undercover Gyakusou 4-Way Stretch Top

    If the designs of Jun Takahashi don't get you off your sofa and running, there's not much that will. Part of Nike's Gyakusou collection, this hooded top is the perfect union of tech and style: the four-way stretch fabric doesn't inhibit your movement, keeping you warm without making you over heat.


    Added detail: To make the most of the tight fit, the sleeves feature those neat little thumb holes to keep the fabric extra-taught

  • The Outfit 122


    Whether you're setting a new overhead press personal record or (more probably) cracking out a new lap time between the sofa and the fridge, Reebok's Crossfit gear ensures you've got the right kit for the job. These Speedwick Pants help get rid of moisture and prevent annoying bunching.


    Added detail: The bonded zipped pockets make sure you don't lose your locker keys/the TV remote

  • The Outfit 123

    Packaged Dry Crew Neck T-Shirt by Uniqlo

    You needn't spend a fortune on a dry tech t-shirt. Sporting some clever Japanese technology (if you believe the packaging) Uniqlo's Packaged Dry range get rid of your perspiration whether you're wearing it in the gym or under a shirt at work. Soft, dry and a perfect fit, this is a brilliant basic t-shirt.


    Added detail:  If you'd rather have something a bit 'dressier', the Packaged Dry range also features a v-neck t-shirt

  • The Outfit 124

    Sensible sportswear

    Whether you're looking to start the fitness regimen you promised yourself (in January) that you'd sort out, or looking for some street-smart sports gear that's super comfortable, this selection has you covered.

    Trainers: £90
    Hoodie: £100
    Joggers: £70
    T-Shirt: £4.90

  • The Outfit 125

    Add inches

    "It's so hard to find the right sizes when you're over six foot" is a complaint anyone under six foot will never, ever sympathise with. It's like moaning you can't find a wallet big enough for your money. 

    This week we're looking to help the vertically challenge to 'dress taller' - simple steps that can lend an inch of confidence.

    First up is footwear. Ditch immature trainers and go formal - the solid heel of a dress shoe can add a good half inch of height. These brogues by Kurt Geiger are a subtle, smart option.


    Added detail: Also available in a tan and brown

  • The Outfit 126

    Keep details high

    Another key element to dressing tall is keeping people's attention to your upper body. While you could take to wearing a parrot on your shoulder, a much simpler step would be wearing an eye-catching pocket square in a jacket pocket. 

    Amazon's Trafalgar Square print is a brilliant option: depending on your chosen fold, you can play on several different colours in this busy print.


    Added detail: It's 100 percent silk, so best think twice before blowing your nose on it

  • The Outfit 127

    Know your fit

    Unless you're looking to resurrect a 90's grunge look (please don't), a man looking to dress tall should never wear baggy clothes. Shop around to find a brand whose 'Medium' or 'Small' fits you perfectly - particularly in the case of shirts. If you're feeling flush, get yourself a tailored set. 

    Pink have an exhaustive range available, with a mixture of sleeve lengths and collar sizes to ensure your frame isn't smothered in cloth.


    Added detail: The two-fold cotton of this Taio classic fit ensures you won't overheat 

  • The Outfit 128

    Stay monochromatic

    Loud colours will grab attention - the last thing you want to do if you're looking to conceal a lack of height. Best to avoid visual clutter and stick to monochromatic colour schemes, with darker colours lower down (it's supposed to help a viewer's eye travel upwards). 

    Made from a hard-wearing washed cotton, these petrol chinos from SPOKE are ideal. 


    Added detail: To help find that perfect fit around the thigh, SPOKE trousers are available in three builds. Check out their fitting guide for help.

  • The Outfit 129

    A guide to dressing tall

    So in summary, if you're looking to make the most of the height you've been given: wear formal shoes, keep details high up the body, find the perfect fit and stick to monochromatic tones. It also helps if you don't stand next to the tallest person in the room.

    Shoes: £45
    Pocket square: £25
    Shirt: £69
    Trousers: £79

  • The Outfit 130

    Leather wallet by Launer

    Who said wallets were supposed to be boring? Probably no one, but we're still quite taken by this multicolour leather wallet from Launer. Made from soft calf leather (the cow, not the lower leg) and is just about the classiest thing you can fit in your pocket. 


    Added detail: There are eight card slots and two note sections. We counted.

  • The Outfit 131

    Black leather belt by Ralph Lauren

    Anyone who's riffled through a rack of leather belts knows the frustration of trying to find something that can keep their trousers up without looking like a novelty fridge magnet. Well, call off the search - Ralph Lauren have come up trumps.


    Added detail: Leather, with a silver toned buckle, the neat-but-namedropping Polo logo is covered up once you tuck the belt through the loop

  • The Outfit 132

    Harris Tweed iPad case by John Lewis

    Having just sunk a bunch of cash on your new iPad, it'd be an awful shame for it to get scratched to ribbons by a set of stray keys. John Lewis' impossibly stylish Harris Tweed case does a fine job of keeping your tech safe without emptying your wallet (cheaper than an official Apple cover, but far less dull).


    Added detail: The 100 percent wool lining is large enough to cradle every iteration of the iPad to date

  • The Outfit 133

    Walnut and leather iPhone 6 case

    While we could start a long (and dull) debate as to whether Apple's phones are the most attractive around, it's a known fact their handsets boast the most attractive cases. Top of the iPhone 6 protectors is Grovemade's walnut and leather cradle: walnut surrounds the case while leather hugs the front and back. 


    Added detail: It won't block your camera flash, and it even has a built in kick stand

  • The Outfit 134

    Leather accessories

    A refined assortment of leather accessories to help keep your world in order. And yes, they all smell as good as they look.

    Wallet: £154
    Belt: £45
    iPad case: £40
    iPhone case: $129/£82

  • The Outfit 135

    Lightweight Dogtooth Dressing Gown by Marks & Spencer

    Should you have walked past a bus stop, billboard or magazine lately, chances are the chiselled frame of David Gandy has stirred a great deal of envy - he's been slobbing about in a luxurious range of lounge wear he helped design in for Autograph at M&S. 

    This pure cotton dogtooth dressing gown is ideal for long, lazy Sundays that only see you venture outside to shake a fist at the gloomy weather.


    Added detail: Woven from superfine Supima cotton, this is as comfortable as cotton gets.

  • The Outfit 136

    Super Soft Pyjama Bottoms by M&S

    Never heard of Supina cotton? Nor had we, until we passed our hands over the Autograph lounge wear of M&S. It's an extra-long staple cotton that gives clothes that "Flipping heck this is soft" quality. Getting out of bed in the morning will be even more of an ask thanks to these pyjama bottoms. 


    Added detail: While the Lycra blend fabric and draw string waist provide a baggy fit, it's best to aim a size up for maximum comfort

  • The Outfit 137

    Fair Isle Knit Boot Slippers by John Lewis

    The male slipper is usually a woeful spectacle: a crossbreed between a loafer and a hamster, they can add ten years to a man's age. John Lewis' Fair Isle knit boot is a welcome exception - bundles of insulating fluff and a suitable winter pattern to kick.


    Added detail: No, these aren't made from flimsy wool but far hardier acrylic 

  • The Outfit 138

    Cashmere Button Through Top

    Well David Gandy is calling it loungewear, so who are we to argue? As the nights get colder this cashmere button top adds a little extra class to your evening of leisure/lying on the sofa watching X-Factor.


    Added detail: While it's 100 percent cashmere, it's machine washable - so it won't matter when you drop toast on it

  • The Outfit 139

    Time for bed

    A selection of finely crafted, superbly styled and downright comfy clothes for lounging about between bed and breakfast.

    Dressing gown: £39.50
    Trousers: £27.50
    Slippers: £25
    Buttoned top: £150

  • The Outfit 140

    +J Wool Blend Duffle Coat by Uniqlo

    What do you mean you still haven't sorted out your coat for winter? Best make a move on the limited run of +J designs at Uniqlo - this duffle design manages to walk that tricky line between smart and casual. 


    Added detail: A hint of Spanex in the wool blend helps this coat keep its overall shape

  • The Outfit 141

    Huntsman extra-strength umbrella by Fulton

    Umbrellas are, by and large, a pain in the arse. They collapse at the slightest hint of a breeze and invariably snap a spoke in their second week. Yet they're something of a necessity when the weather forecast is as accurate as sticking a wet finger in the air. Fulton's brollies are made of harder stuff - literally. Double-ribbed and sporting a 14mm steel construction, this will last longer than your scarf and hat when the wind picks up.


    Added detail: A real wooden crook handle lends a touch of sophistitcation to an otherwise modern build

  • The Outfit 142

    CABLE- KNIT WOOL-BLEND SCARF by Oliver Spencer

    Yes, it's time to start thinking about scarves. Thoughts like "Where's my scarf" and "Do I own a nice scarf?". This wool-blend cable knit number from Oliver Spencer has perfect "wraparound length" - more accurately expressed as 180cm. 


    Added detail: Made with a wool and polyamide mix yarn, which helps keeps the shape and has the added advantage of reducing pilling

  • The Outfit 143

    Leather Stab Stitch Gloves by Ted Baker

    Two sorts of men wear leather gloves: those who realise their potential for keeping fingers warm without inhibiting their movement, and cat burglars. Ted Baker's stab stitched leather gloves don't add unnecessary bulk to your hands - and they won't make you look like you're off to pilfer a safe.


    Added detail: The knitted cuffs help block out that pesky autumnal breeze and rain. 

  • The Outfit 144

    Winter Outfit

    An armoury of layers and accessories to see you through the worst of the coming wind and rain. You might not be loving the weather, but at least you’ll be liking your outfit.

    Coat: £179.90
    Umbrella: £22
    Scarf: £69
    Gloves: £69

  • The Outfit 145

    Galata Dark Grey Check Suit by Reiss

    Yes, it's mid-October. Which means it's almost November, which means the inaugural rush of formal dinners and Christmas parties is nearly upon us. Reiss has provided the perfect party piece for the season: the Galata checked suit. 

    £450, full suit

    Added detail: Crafted from wool sourced from Yorkshire's Alfred Brown mill, best steer clear of the upcoming buffet spreads if you're hoping to keep the tailored fit come December.

  • The Outfit 146

    Grey check waistcoat by Reiss

    There's a lot to be said for a well-fitted waistcoat. It hides the awkward overspill of a shirt, creates a tighter profile and looks immaculately sharp when worn with a matching suit. So if you do invest in the Galata suit, be sure to add this matching waistcoat.


    Added detail: Made from a wool that hails from Yorkshire's Alfred Brown mill, were sure you don't need reminding to leave the bottom button undone. 

  • The Outfit 147

    Pure Egyptian Cotton Herringbone Shirt by SARTORIAL at M&S

    Is your formal shirt starting to show its age? Time for an upgrade. This double cuff shirt by Sartorial has a subtle herringbone texture. And the cotton? Pure Egyptian. They're apparently quite good at making the stuff.


    Added detail: A slim fit build, you're going to want to make sure you know your collar size before ordering one of these. Half an inch can make all the difference between the perfect fit and a baggy mess. 

  • The Outfit 148

    Eastwood Knitted Tie

    One of the few perks of the weather turning dismal and cold is that it lets you mix things up with your neck tie. This knitted number from Eastwood looks positively cosy compared to your usual silk options. 


    Added detail: Best matched with a slim fitting shirt, a knitted tie doesn't suit a big knot. Think half Windsor or smaller. 

  • The Outfit 149

    Party season

    Whether you're headed to formal drinks or dodging the mistletoe at the Christmas party, this outfit will see you do so in style.

    Suit: £450
    Waistcoat: £125 
    Shirt: £45
    Tie: £69

  • The Outfit 150

    Levi’s California sierra jacket

    What with a dry, warm September, we were beginning to think that Autumn was never coming. How wrong we were. Kris Babet, senior buyer at Urban Outfitters, is on hand to take us through their clothing solutions to this tumultuous season. 

    "The new Levi's collection is engrained with authenticity and style, which naturally suits the taste for vintage and fashion shared by fans of Urban Outfitters. The sierra jacket is perfect for this transitional time of year, fusing both practicality and style."

    £230 - in stores soon

  • The Outfit 151

    Ransom Boots

    Despite the deluge of suede trainer releases, you're probably going to want something a little hardier to see you through the puddles - but you don't want a full on hiking option. Ransom has just the answer.

    "The Ransom boots autumn collection is a mix of streetwear styles featuring lightweight uppers, soft leather and flexible sole technology," explains Kris Babet, senior buyer at Urban Outfitters. "This particular style is a modern day take on the traditional walking boot, with a streamlined silhouette and stylish vulcanized sole."

    £150 - coming soon

  • The Outfit 152

    Indigo & Maine Navy jeans

    No such thing as a formal pair of jeans? Well, this is as close as you can get. 

    "These are a staple pair of trousers with more of a formal feel than denim," explains Kris Babet, senior buyer at Urban Outfitters. "The classic navy colour and brushed fabric mean they are extremely versatile."

    £55 - coming soon

  • The Outfit 153

    Wood Wood checked jumper at Urban Outfitters

    Denmark gets pretty cold in the winter months. Really cold in fact - you're lucky if it gets above 5 degrees between December and March. As such, they know how to make a good jumper.

    "This season we welcome Danish brand Wood Wood to the shop floor", says Kris Babet, senior buyer at Urban Outfitters. "This check jumper embodies the varsity trend in the perfect autumnal colour palette."

    £179 - coming soon


  • The Outfit 154

    Urban Outfit

    Urban Outfitters' senior buyer Kris Babet has raided the autumnal clothing racks to put together a look that'll keep you safe, snug and stylish through the gloomy months ahead.

    Coat: £230 - in stores soon
    Boots: £150 - coming soon
    Trousers: £55 - coming soon
    Jumper: £179 - coming soon

  • The Outfit 155

    Moss Stitch Merino Crew Neck Jumper by John Lewis

    What with the drizzle, gloom and it being a Monday, 6 October was never going to go down as a good day. Thankfully, our spirits have been lifted by the start of Wool Week - seven days of warm cosiness curated by The Campaign for Wool. Amongst an assortment of wool-themed activities, a host of fashion partners has collected together their best woollen picks for Autumn/Winter.

    Our own selection kicks off with this snug merino crew neck from John Lewis. Whether it's worn over a t-shirt or shirt, its versatility makes it a key piece for your cold weather wardrobe.


    Added detail: Crafted in the UK from British materials. Naturally.

  • The Outfit 156

    Night Classic Overcoat by Daks

    All the items in the Campaign for Wool's "Wool Collection: Fashion" have to contain a minimum of 80 percent of the aforementioned fabric to make it into the stylish selection. Daks' Night overcoat easily makes the cut at 90 percent wool. The remaining 10? Cashmere. Naturally.


    Added detail: With its three button concealed fastening and notch lapels, this coat will still be in style when the rest of your wardrobe has wasted away.

  • The Outfit 157

    MERINO TWO TONE STRIPE SCARF by Johnstons of Elgin

    We're sorry to break it to you, but it's got to that point of the year when it's appropriate to start talking about scarves again. Mercifully, the neck-warmer in question is an elegant option from famed Scottish woollens group Johnstons of Elgin.


    Added detail: 180cm of fine merino wool, you might even look forward to the cold snap when you've got this in your wardrobe.

  • The Outfit 158

    8-BIT BEANIE by Wool and the Gang

    How do you make a beanie more appealing? First, make it out of "Crazy Sexy Wool" (from sexy sheep, apparently), then incorporate an 8-bit space invader. You've never had a better excuse for hat hair.


    Added detail: Fancy saving yourself £10 and getting a new hobby? You can buy a 'knit your own' option for £45

  • The Outfit 159

    Campaign for Wool collection

    Our week of wool comes to a close, and we're all the warmer for it. Check out the Campaign for Wool's site to hear more about their ongoing work. 

    Jumper: £79

    Coat: £495

    Scarf: £45

    Hat: £55

  • The Outfit 160


    Having now recovered from your Ryder Cup celebrations, it's time you headed back down to the driving range to iron out that pesky draw. Designed by Ian Poulter's IJP label, this hopefully-named v-neck is a shade more conservative than some of looks Poulter sports. Remember, you're not allowed to wear yellow until your handicap is under 10.


    Added detail: Far from a static-charged neon monstrosity, the Birdie is made from a blend of merino wool, cotton and nylon.

  • The Outfit 161


    Despite usually wearing some variation of purple, pink or vibrant orange, the advice of Ian Poulter on the perfect polo shirt surprised us. "Keep it simple under a jumper – a smart classic polo shirt with a button down collar works well."


    Added detail: Made from a quickdry fabric to help keep you cool for that tricky putt on the par 3, you'll be glad to know it comes in colours other than white. We'd still advise against the shocking pink.

  • The Outfit 162


    No, they don't measure your heart rate, nor do they tell you how to improve your swing - the 'Tech' in IJP's golfing trousers refers to its special mechanical stretch fabric. No awkward hitching or tearing, they move with your body rather than holding you back.


    Added detail: A heap of suitable golfing extras, like the exaggerated back pockets and a ball marker pocket.

  • The Outfit 163

    Cashmere Argyle socks by Pantherella

    Okay, so maybe our golfing outfit needs a splash of colour. Pantherella is on hand (or foot) to help out, with a set of splendid argyle socks.


    Added detail: Made from genuine cashmere with hand-linked toe seams, this is the only time we'll ever get excited about a pair of socks

  • The Outfit 164

    Golf gear

    If the Ryder Cup had you subconsciously practising your putting stance in the lift and eyeing up the line to the office bin, this selection of golfing gear from the likes of Ian Poulter's IJP Design will serve you well.

    Jumper: £59.95

    Polo Shirt: £44.95

    Trousers: £79.95

    Socks: £42

  • The Outfit 165

    Mormont Wool mix coat by Ted Baker

    Despite September's last-ditch efforts to drag summer out just a few more weeks, autumn is here. The high street said so. To kick off a week of insulated layers, we start with a fine woollen offering from Ted Baker. With zipped pockets and a buckled collar, this is a modern twist on a classic winter coat.


    Added detail: Single breasted and three quarter length, this sits nicely in that large grey area between formal and informal.

  • The Outfit 166

    +J Denim Slim Fit Shirt by Uniqlo

    100 percent cotton, 100 percent warmer than the synthetic fabrics looking to populate your hangers, this +J shirt from Uniqlo is a winter wardrobe essential.


    Added detail: Dark hues not taking your fancy? Uniqlo has an extensive palette on offer. Once you've found your perfect size, why not by a few different shades to sort out your office attire?

  • The Outfit 167

    Smart Skinny Trousers by River Island

    As temperatures begin to drop, ditch your jeans and chinos in favour of some insulated formal layers. This slim-fitting trouser from River Island is made from an even blend of polyester and wool, with ankle cuffs and a zip fly.


    Added detail: As with all your woollen wears, be sure to get them dry cleaned - you risk ruining the fabric in your own washing machine

  • The Outfit 168

    Mr Renton brogues by Red or Dead

    We're not sure who Mr Renton is, but we like his brogues. Chunky layers, contrasting tan soles, they'll make light work of the coming puddles.


    Added detail: The metal eyelets and thick laces lend a hardy appearance to an otherwise formal affair.

  • The Outfit 169

    Extra layers

    With thick fabrics and warming fibres, this formal selection will help you through the chillier evenings in the months ahead.

    Coats: £299

    Shirts: £39.90

    Trousers: £35

    Brogues: £80

  • The Outfit 170

    Oi Polloi Selection

    We'll admit, we're buried under Autumn/Winter 2014 releases at present. Our inbox resembles a chunky knit sorting pile. As such, we've called upon the wisdom of Stephen Sanderson, director and owner of Manchester's foremost menswear retailer Oi Polloi, to guide us through his favourite autumnal picks - starting with this APC Mac Dos raglan in Tabac.

    "A super good sixties wool overcoat," explains Sanderson. "Not the cheapest, not the most expensive, this one's so classic it's never going to date (ever)."


    Added detail: A blend of 70 percent wool, 20 percent polyamide and 10 percent cashmere, this is an investment piece of the highest quality. And did we mention how good it looks?

  • The Outfit 171

    Folk Rib's jumper

    Oi Polloi's Stephen Sanderson continues with his selection from the Autumn/Winter 2014 range. Today's pick - some simplistic comfort.

    "A clean simple ribbed jumper," says Sanderson. "Not too chunky, raglan sleeves - easy."


    Added detail: The jumper's wool fabric is the "Oh my word, I can't stop touching it" kind of soft. You'll have to take our word for it.

  • The Outfit 172

    Levi's vintage 606 rigid jeans

    Need some new denim? There's only one way to go.

    "Slim dry denim; clean, no fuss," says Sanderson. "These are a great fitting pair of jeans that I wear myself. And I've got a clothes shop (just saying)."


    Added detail: The 606 vintage range aren't your usual Levi's. Designed for style rather than work, they have seven belt loops instead of the usual five, and use slightly different stitching.

  • The Outfit 173

    Sanders Marylebone Chelsea boots

    Stephen Sanderson rounds off his pick of Oi Polloi's Autumn/Winter 2014 range with one of the finest Chelsea boots money can buy.

    "For men that can't tie laces, or for men that like neat looking shoe, these look great with cuffed narrow jeans like the 606."


    Added detail: With a leather welt, suede upper, leather sole, heel and full leather lining, this isn't a shoe for the serious vegetarian. Their loss.

  • The Outfit 174

    Oi Polloi Selection

    The best of Mancunian style, as selected by Oi Polloi's Stephen Sanderson.


    Jumper: £165

    Jeans: £155

    Boots: £205

  • The Outfit 175

    Sparring gloves by Lonsdale

    Ever been boxing? A demanding, brutal sport, it'll strip off fat, expose your fitness for what it is and put your body through hell - and that's just the training.

    With interest in this fine sport set to pique on Saturday night as Floyd Mayweather takes on Marcus Maidana for the second time in four months, we thought we'd compile a boxing outfit for those of you looking to step into the ring to test your mettle. As well as looking the part, these genuine leather sparring gloves from Lonsdale will help protect your knuckles from a battering.


    Added detail: An extra dense layer of inner foam lets you work the pads for hours at at time - even if the rest of your body lets you down.

  • The Outfit 176

    adidas Box Hog Boot

    As well as hours of practice, floating like a butterfly requires one important piece of kit - the right boot. With its gum rubber outsole and ankle-to-calf lacing, the Box Hog boot from adidas ensures you won't lose your footing in a sweat-strewn ring.


    Added detail: A construction of suede overlays and a breathable mesh make sure that these boots won't stink out your kit bag after a session.

  • The Outfit 177

    Lonsdale Boxing Shorts

    Unless you're capable of handling yourself over 10 rounds, you're not going to want a set of head-turning custom made silk shorts. It's akin to turning up to a football match in brilliant pink boots and proceeding to score and own goal. For now then, you'd do well to consider these waist-hugging options from Lonsdale.


    Added detail: That wide elasticated waistband hides an internal drawcord, making sure these shorts won't go down in the third, even if you do.

  • The Outfit 178

    Nike Pro Combat Sleeveless Compression Top

    Boxing hurts. Besides the obvious pains of an over-enthusiastic sparring partner, muscle groups around your shoulders, chest and back can sing with agony the morning after a training session. As well as keeping you cool, this compression top from Nike can help stimulate recovery in your overworked muscles.


    Added detail: The four-way stretch fabric won't inhibit the movement of your ducking and weaving.

  • The Outfit 179

    Boxing best

    Should Saturday night's Mayweather vs Maidana inspire an interest in getting boxing-fit, this is the kit you'll be needing.

    Gloves: £52.99

    Boots: £49.99

    Shorts: £6.99

    Vest: £36

  • The Outfit 180

    Prestbury Waxed Jacket by Barbour

    September is here, ushering in overcast skies and wall-to-wall forecasts of drizzle. But it's not all bad - the football is back for a start, as are some much needed warm wardrobe fillers. While this Barbour waxed jacket is more country walks than terrace attire, it'll keep you well insulated for any occasion.


    Added detail: The 6oz Sylkoil waxed cotton outer layer will keep the bulk of Autumn at bay.

  • The Outfit 181

    Lightweight twill red plaid shirt by Gap

    We're not sure when the humble lumberjack became a style icon, nor why other outdoor trades were overlooked (did ploughmen not have any style?), but now things are turning a touch cooler outside it's high time we invested in a new checked plaid shirt. This lightweight twill option from Gap is just the ticket.


    Added detail: The soft brushed twill is 100 percent cotton with a tailored fit.

  • The Outfit 182

    Chukka boot by Rockport

    Autumnal weather forecasts are something of a dark art - no matter what the MET Office might think the skies are going to do, there's inevitably a puddle or five ready to ruin a lesser shoe. Rockport's lightweight Chukka boot is more than capable of handling any stealthy downpours the next few months might hold in store.


    Added detail: This fetching shade is made all the more desirable once you discover its name - Bitter Chocolate. It also comes in a shade of 'Ship's Biscuit' (light brown).

  • The Outfit 183

    Regular jeans by Pull&Bear

    No-nonsense jeans for a no-nonsense season, you won't be cringing in fear when these affordable options from Pull&Bear get a touch muddy. One hundred percent cotton, one hundred percent sensible.


    Added detail: Struggle to find the right size? Pull&Bear know your struggle: the stock 29 inch and 31 inch waists.

  • The Outfit 184

    Autumnal outfit

    The clouds are massing, the days are shortening - it's high time you stocked up on some warm, durable layers. This outfit will help keep autumn chills at bay, and adds some great essentials to your winter wardrobe.

    Jacket: £199

    Shirt: £34.95

    Boots: £150

    Jeans: £19.99

  • The Outfit 185

    501 Original Fit One Wash jeans by Levi

    We'd be lying if we said Levi's 501s were a '90s staple. They're a trouser staple, an essential cut that's been around since the dawn of... well, jeans. Whether you're dressing down a shirt and jacket or just looking for something comfortable and casual, every man needs a pair of 501s in his wardrobe.


    Added detail: To make the most of your Levi's (or any high-quality jeans) make sure you machine wash them on a cold wash - or even better, by hand.

  • The Outfit 186

    Equipment Running Guidance 93 by adidas Originals

    We know, we didn't think enough time had passed for fashion to turn to the '90s in a moment of nostalgic revival either. But two decades have passed since adidas first unleashed the Equipment Running Guidance on the world's pavements - and they're well due a revisit.


    Added detail: A fancy TORSION SYSTEM and EVA midsole look after your foot's comfort needs

  • The Outfit 187

    Ben Sherman Field Jacket

    If you ask us, Ben Sherman have always had something of the '90s about them. This Field Jacket would look quite at home in the videos of Blur or Oasis, or hanging on your coat rack ready for a night moodily complaining about the "good old days of music".


    Added detail: The jacket is coated with a dry wax, because British weather is always wet, no matter the decade.

  • The Outfit 188

    Denim Shirt by Uniqlo

    It's okay, double denim is allowed. We asked the guy who knows a thing or two about London Fashion Week and he said it was definitely in. Which is great, since we could do with having a few of Uniqlo's latest denim shirts in our wardrobe: clean, simple, they'll pair with chinos or jeans (for the moment).


    Added detail: If deep indigo was never your thing in the '90s, you can go for a darker shade of black or navy.

  • The Outfit 189

    Contemporary cool

    Daniel Rhone's outfit for the week is an understated, effortlessly cool look. Each item can easily find its way into another look in your wardrobe, whether its dressing down a more formal suit or adding a touch of class to your Friday night attire.

    Jacket: £195

    Trousers: £40

    T-Shirt: £70

    Shoes: £355

  • The Outfit 190

    Desert Pattern boots by Clarks and PATTERNITY

    Office-appropriate clothing needn't clutter your wardrobe with dull, lifeless items. This week's Outfit will offer some much needed 9-5 alternatives - like these patterend desert boots by Clarks and cult designers PATTERNITY. Sporting a micro monochrome pattern, they hold more character than the average office shoe.


    Added detail: You may prefer the all-black alternatives should these monochrome options be a bit much.

  • The Outfit 191

    M&S Collection spot shirt

    Another pattern to break up your office tedium, this spotted shirt from the new M&S autumn/winter collection is the consummate smart/casual all-rounder.

    £29.50 - coming 1 September

    Added detail: Button down collar, 100 percent cotton fabric, this is a subtle staple for your wardrobe.

  • The Outfit 192

    Marble print hooded sweatshirt by L'Estrange

    We know what you're thinking - hoodies are never appropriate office attire? The Hood from L'Estrange is a bit different. Constructed using super-soft navy cotton jersey and lined with an Italian-printed marble fabric, this tailored sweatshirt will give you a better fit than the average suit jacket.


    Added detail: Yes, that is a marbled pocket square in the breast pocket. The range also offers Paisley and patterned prints if marble isn't your thing.

  • The Outfit 193

    Vintage 'Clerkenwell 1946' Strap Watch by Accurist

    There's an unhealthy office culture of 'one-upmanship' when it comes to wrist watches. Loud, brash and expensive metallic hunks aren't worthy of the wrist room - a simple face paired with a minimal strap is the way to go. The vintage Clerkenwell 1946 by Accurist is a prime example of a clean watch that'll dress with just about anything.


    Added detail: If the stainless steel casement doesn't appeal, you could always try the gold or rose-gold tone on for size.

  • The Outfit 194

    Office alternatives

    Some much needed patterns and prints to bring some variety to your office wardrobe. And we won't tell anyone if you end up wearing any of these to those drinks you've got planned this weekend.

    Boots: £90

    Shirt: £29.50 - coming 1 September

    Hoodie: £195

    Watch: £60

  • The Outfit 195

    adidas 11Pro SG Football boots

    We hate to sound like a jaded pundit, but football boots are starting to get silly. Pink, plastic and paper-thin, the majority of new releases offer a more substantial price tag than they do material.

    The 11Pro Soft Ground boot by adidas is a slice of sensible soccer in a world of fantasy football. A calf leather upper that offers your foot some protection with a footbed of screw-in and moulded studs, this is one for the 'complete' footballer.


    Added detail: While traditional, there's some new tech in there as well. A memory foam inner moulds itself to your foot for the perfect fit.

  • The Outfit 196

    Nike Mercurial Flylite shin pads

    Let's get this straight - shin pads aren't glamorous. They're dull, hidden away and essential in giving you the confidence to go for that 50-50 ball. Nike's new Mercurial Flylite pads are lightweight enough that you forget you're wearing them and strong enough to take a full crunching tackle, with a structure designed to spread the impact. They're the most technically accomplished shin guards money can buy.


    Added detail: A breathable, 'Dri-FIT' fabric holds the pad in place, wicking away sweat and keeping you dry.

  • The Outfit 197

    Compression shorts by Under Armour

    Yet to try compression wear? Be sure to change that this season. It keeps your muscles warm throughout exercise and greatly improves recovery time - so no more aching thighs the day after a training. These HeatGear compression shorts from Under Armour are snug enough to feel like a second skin.

    And before you give the team an eye-full, they're to be worn under your shorts.


    Added detail: The anti-odor technology in the short's fabric ensure these will be the freshest smelling item in your kit bag at the end of a match.

  • The Outfit 198

    FANGMASCHINE ABSOLUTGRIP Goalkeeper glove by uhlsport

    Forgotten in victory, derided in loss - goalkeepers of the Sunday league kick-about get a harsh deal. They can take solace in some awesome kit though, like these fine mitts by Uhlsport. Featuring their patented ABSOLUTGRIP PLUS foam and tight-fit finger stitching, collecting a cross on a wet weekend just got a whole lot easier.


    Added detail: A flexible weave structure in the thumb's seam stitching and a neoprene wrist bandage make these the best-fitting gloves you'll ever wear.

  • The Outfit 199

    Season stash

    With the Championship in full swing, set to be joined by the juggernaut that is Premier League this weekend, it won't be long before you're itching for a kick about. This selection will ensure you can't blame your kit when you seek solace in the pub after a 13-2 thrashing.

    Boots: £130

    Shin pads: £40

    Compression shorts: £20

    Gloves: £90

  • The Outfit 200

    A.P.C. Denim jacket

    This week's outfit is a selection of contemporary classics put together by Daniel Rhone, Style Director of Mens Fashion Magazine.

    "The denim jacket is a men's staple that in my mind is underrated and underused," says Rhone. "This washed indigo denim jacket from A.P.C. is perfect to dress up or down as you wish. For a good referencing point check out Ryan Gosling in Drive for inspiration."


    Added detail: Of course it's 100 percent cotton.

  • The Outfit 201

    River Island pinstripe slim trouser

    "This traditional classic is given a modern update in the form of this slim cut trouser", says Daniel Rhone. "Look at getting the trouser taken up to a length that enables you to show off that suede loafer or luxe sneaker."


    Added detail: Featuring a fly zip, hook fastening and smart pressed pleat, these are the perfect trousers for dressing up an evening outfit.

  • The Outfit 202

    Acne white 'Limit' T-Shirt

    "This low line crew neck tee is a perfect complement to a blazer or bomber jacket with its neck line detail", says Daniel Rhone. "There is of course a boundary with the drop of the neck line which you shouldn't go below. Reference the gentlemen on Geordie Shore if you're unclear."


    Added detail: Got too many white t-shirts? We don't blame you. It's also available in blue.

  • The Outfit 203

    Valentino 'Rockrunner' trainer

    "Pretty much every top designer is incorporating a sports shoe into their seasons collection at the moment", says Daniel Rhone. "The Rockrunner sneaker is one of the best looking around out of the luxury bunch. Based on an 80s running shoe, the sleek silhouette allows you to wear with a turned up denim or a tailored trouser with the same slick, desired effect."


    Added detail: With nylon, leather and rubber crammed into these luxury Rockrunners, these trainers are destined for the least sporty of uses.

  • The Outfit 204

    Contemporary cool

    Daniel Rhone's outfit for the week is an understated, effortlessly cool look. Each item can easily find its way into another look in your wardrobe, whether it's dressing down a more formal suit or adding a touch of class to your Friday night attire.

    Jacket: £195

    Trousers: £40

    T-Shirt: £70

    Shoes: £355

  • The Outfit 205

    Melton Holdall by River Island

    Your weekend break isn't far away. Your passport is in date, your swimming shorts still fit and you're well-stocked on miniaturised bathroom products. All you need now is some luggage up to the task of getting you and your stuff out of the country.

    This Melton Holdall from River Island opens up our week of travel essentials. Single zip, cavernous inner compartment, rugged woollen exterior, you'll be overcome with pride as you collect it from the baggage carousel.


    Added details: With a height of 37cm and width of 52cm, this easily squeezes into the average airline cabin baggage allowance limits.

  • The Outfit 206

    Leather tablet sleeve by John Lewis

    It's a sad day when your gadgets travel in better style than you, but when John Lewis makes tablet cases this good at this price, you can't be blamed.

    Genuine leather (you'll keep sniffing it when no one's looking) with a padded fabric interior, there's an additional pocket on the back for cables.


    Added detail: Built for tablets up to 10.1" across, this will fit your iPad.

  • The Outfit 207


    Upon leaving his house, every man checks his pockets for three items: phone, keys and wallet. While your mobile and key chain might be prone to wandering off, you'll never want to part company with this little number. Made from polished dark navy calf leather with contrasting tan leather interior, Tustings have squeezed eight card slots, two pockets and a cash pocket into their Harrold wallet. And no, we don't know who Harrold is.


    Added detail: Always fumbling for your bank card? Put it in the tapered card slot

  • The Outfit 208

    Little America Backpack by Herschel

    While immensely practical, the majority of backpacks transform men into overgrown school boys. Not Herschel's Little America Backpack. Based on rugged-wearing mountaineering packs, the 42cm by 31cm main compartment and 'media' pouch provide plenty of room to hide your Panini stickers and Nerf gun.


    Added detail: A padded, fleece lined laptop pocket will keep screens up to 15" well protected.

  • The Outfit 209

    Pack your bags

    Whether it's for a long weekend away or a last minute dash to somewhere sunny, you're going to need some luggage you can rely on. This range will keep your essentials bits safe, secure and better dressed than you.

    Holdall: £45

    Tablet case: £34.95

    Wallet: £110.00

    Backpack: £65

  • The Outfit 210

    Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit

    With the Commonwealth Games kicking off in Glasgow this Wednesday, you may soon strike upon some inspiration to escape your office chair for a jog around the great outdoors. If you're going to enjoy your time out there, you're going to need the right footwear - like Nike's lightweight Free 4.0 Flyknit running shoe. Packed with technology to help support your running action, you'll struggle to believe you ever went on a run in anything heavier.


    Added detail: If you take a size 9, a single Free 4.0 Flyknit weighs just 238 grams - or just a shade heavier than a sock.

  • The Outfit 211

    Seamless Race t-shirt by Odlo

    While Odlo's race t-shirt may sound like it's offering flattering praise of your latest triathlon performance, the name actually alludes to the way in which this high tech top fits together. The ultralight fabric is put together with a seamless circular knitting technique, resulting in (you guessed it) a total lack of seams on which to rub against during your next run.


    Added detail: The fancy fibres in the t-shirt's fabric even help cut down on odours.

  • The Outfit 212

    Fly split shorts by Pearl Izumi

    No, the zip on these Pearl Izumi shorts isn't broken - they don't even have one. The Fly split refers to the overlapped fabric on the short's leg, allowing for a full range of motion when you're hammering the pavement. A host of clever materials help transfer sweat, while the 'Float' inner lining helps cut down on chafing.


    Added detail: Two envelope pockets on the back of the shorts help keep keys/coins/inhalers secure.

  • The Outfit 213

    Philips Ultra Lightweight Sports

    It's high time you replaced those free headphones your phone came with for something that feels like they were made by someone with ears. Philips know their way around a lobe - their lightweight ergonomic sports headphones are designed to take a pounding. Now all you need is the perfect workout playlist (Eye of the Tiger anyone?).


    Added detail: Sweaty runner? Don't worry, the ear pads can be detached and chucked in the wash.

  • The Outfit 214

    Run to the hills

    While the Commonwealth Games have helped rekindle some of the London 2012 magic, they've also served as a reminder that we haven't be in a run for a long while. This outfit sorts you out form head to toe. Just remember to stretch out first.

    Shoes: £110

    T-shirt: £18.60

    Shorts: £45

    Headphones: £37

  • The Outfit 215

    Floral stitch shirt by Diverso London

    We've all been there - a summer wedding where all the men curse the luck of the happy bride as they sweat it out in layers of formal attire. Diverso knows how to keep a man cool under the collar. Crafted from textured Italian ‘Oxford’ cotton, this shirt with rounded collar is a light breeze compared to your last stiff formal number.


    Added detail: This floral stitch shirt sports an elegant single-button cocktail cuff. We would guarantee you'd be the only bloke wearing one at your next event, but someone else might have the sense to have read this as well.

  • The Outfit 216

    Grey jacquard suit by Topman

    Formal function coming up? Ditch the funeral colours and opt for something a little different, like Topman's grey jacquard skinny suit. Built for a long, lean fit, this single breasted look is perfect for weddings, cocktails or looking overly sharp at the next pub quiz.


    Added detail: Topman haven't skimped on any details here - the internals have a star printed lining and a piano facing.

  • The Outfit 217

    Gatley Walk by Clarks

    Yes, that Clarks. They don't just make robust school shoes any more. These Gatley Walk shoes are an understated triumph. From the chestnut leather outer to the sheepskin inner lining, you'll be hard pushed to find a better formal shoe under £100.


    Added detail: Some clever cushioning in the Ortholite sole means you won't be eyeing up the nearest chair after a few hours in these.

  • The Outfit 218

    Leather belt by Esprit

    It's the small things that make an outfit - the right belt being the prime example. You don't want to sink £10 into a laminated mess that'll fall apart after two dinners, you need real leather and a quiet buckle. This looped belt from Esprit is spot on.


    Added detail: Did we mention it's 100 percent leather?

  • The Outfit 219

    Summer smart

    Summer wedding? We've got you sorted. This light, formal outfit will help you keep cool while looking the business. Tie is optional.

    Shirt: £77

    Suit: £160

    Shoes: £89


  • The Outfit 220

    Bounty swim shorts by Riz

    We're headed to the beach this week (maybe even a British one if the weather holds), and doing so in style thanks to Riz Boardshorts. Their tailored swimmers will feel more like a chino short than worryingly-thin swimming shorts, allowing you to wear these on the beach or at the bar.


    Added detail: Digitally printed using water-based inks, this gorgeous pattern isn't going to fade as soon as you stick them in the wash.

  • The Outfit 221

    Bourbon sunglasses by Atelier Eyewear

    Struggling to find the perfect pair of sunnies? Call off the search. Atelier Eyewear will create your very own handmade custom fit glasses without making you do battle with any infuriatingly-placed security tags. Using your webcam to take a measurement of your face, the service allows you to try on frames from home, pick out lenses and alter colour schemes to create your ideal pair. We're big fans of the Bourbon frames in graphite, pictured above.


    Added detail: Custom fit not enough? You can have your name engraved in the frame for no extra cost.

  • The Outfit 222

    Fairtrade organic cotton t-shirt by Nudie Jeans

    Breathable, durable and versatile, it's hard to beat organic cotton - so don't bother. This simple t-shirt from Nudie Jeans will help you stay cool in warmer climes.


    Added detail: Clean look, cleaner conscious - this T is made with Fairtrade organic cotton.

  • The Outfit 223

    adidas Originals Adilette sliders

    Beach footwear is always a tricky one. Sandals rarely look good on the feet of anyone under 40, flip flops are deeply impracticable on all but the flattest surfaces, while your trainers will attempt to smuggle half the beach with them. The on-trend answer for the summer is sliders - a sturdier variant of the flip flop. This striped option from adidas Originals will go with just about anything you throw at them.

    £19 at Surfdome

    Added detail: The contoured footbed of these sliders mean they'll grip your foot far more effectively than any flip flop. They also float - handy if you've a habit of frolicking in the breakers.

  • The Outfit 224

    Beach ready

    Whether you're off to find the sun and surf in Ibiz or Brighton (hopefully the former), this simple selection of beachwear will serve you well.

    Shorts: £85

    Sunglasses: £30

    T-shirt: £265

    Sliders: £19

  • The Outfit 225

    Malabar Peach linen shirt by Tobias Clothing

    What with the weather looking up and whole of Yorkshire primed to host the world's most famous cycle race, we figured the time was ripe for a commuter-friendly biking outfit.

    The natural linen fabric of this elegant shirt from Tobias Clothing will allow you to stay cool from saddle to desk. And don't worry - this is hassle-free, machine washable linen.


    Added detail: Tobias Clothing are a commendably-ethical bunch, with 10 percent of every sale going to support the Akanksha Foundation, which helps bring education to some of India’s poorest children.

  • The Outfit 226


    While denim is a hardy fabric, anyone who's clocked up more than a few miles in their favourite stonewashed blues will know jeans aren't ideal for cycling. Rapha believe they have the solution: their Italian-made jeans are resistant to abrasion and won’t deteriorate at key wear points, with a high-backed, low-front cut ideal for life in the saddle.


    Added detail: Every inch of these jeans holds a cycling purpose: the right rear pocket is reinforced to hold a compact D-lock, the front pockets are cut deep to keep contents secure and the bindings hold a high-vis reflective pink seam, exposed when rolled up.

  • The Outfit 227

    Torber Digin Ltd by Eastpak

    Pedalled to work only to find your laptop covered in lunch and your presentation notes creased to within an inch of their life? You need Eastpak's Torber. This robust backpack features a laptop pouch, padded back and straps, and more pockets than you have belongings.


    Added detail: Sceptical? The 2 year warranty should put your mind at ease

  • The Outfit 228

    Pro Team Socks by Rapha

    Are your cycling shoes eating through socks faster than you can pedal? You need to be a part of the Pro Team (we've no idea what the initiation is) - as their socks are built to handle repeated wear and grind. The heel and toe uses a yarn developed for robustness while the footbed is constructed from an ultra-wicking fibre to help alleviate heat and sweat.


    Added detail: The cuff, heal and toe sections are made with a fabric consisting of three high-grade yarns. No more holes for you

  • The Outfit 229

    On your bike

    An outfit for the office commuter, each of these items will make getting from A to B that little bit more comfortable. Sorry we couldn't find you a stylish helmet - but please remember to wear one.

    Shirt: £80

    Jeans: £170

    Bag: £115

    Socks: £15

  • The Outfit 230

    'Keanu' jacket from Acne Studios

    With an eye on blue skies and her fingers firmly crossed that they linger on, this week's summer outfit has been selected by The Unisex Mode's stylist and editor Kitty Cowell.

    "A good jacket makes an outfit," says Cowell, "and while this Acne jacket is premium, it won't break the bank at £180. Pairing premium menswear with sneakers and sportswear is something that really excites me. That mixture of fun, street and smart is spot on."


    Added detail: Acne is actually an achronmy for 'Ambition to Create Novel Expression' and has nothing to do with bad skin. Thankfully.

  • The Outfit 231

    INNATE TEE by Alpinestars

    Today's item adds a touch of grit to your wardrobe. In the style sense, not actual muck.

    "Alpinestars are one of the most exciting brands around right now with their core motorsports heritage and street-inspired lifestyle range", says Cowell.


    Added detail: This is a brand favoured by motorcross stars, just in case you get confused if anyone asks you what bike you own

  • The Outfit 232

    Vans Chino Shorts

    It's finally time to bare your legs - and the Surfdome is ensuring you do so in style.

    "Surfdome is a huge board sports store stocking great streetwear brands like Vans," explains Cowell. "Vans is always one of my favourite brands thanks to their core skate heritage."


    Added detail: Tired of buttoned flies? You in luck - these are zipped

  • The Outfit 233

    Saucony Jazz Original in Yellow

    This summer has been full of loud trainer releases - but Saucony have just cranked things up to 11.

    "Saucony's are the new 'it' brand for sneakers right now," says Cowell, "yet they've been around since 1989. I'm a big sneaker head and having a brand that's not on everyone's feet is always key; Saucony love to keep releases exclusive which keeps them appealing."


    Added detail: A shock-absorbing EVA midsole and rubber outsole will keep you comfy for your commute.

  • The Outfit 234

    Heritage hero

    Bright, blue and brilliant, The Unisex Mode's stylist and editor Kitty Cowell has put together a summer-ready urban outfit of strong heritage brands.

    Jacket: £180

    T-Shirt: £12

    Shorts: £54.99

    Trainers: £29.99

  • The Outfit 235

    Berghaus Stormcloud Jacket

    The British summer is well and truly upon us, which means you need a waterproof you can rely on. Berghaus know their way around the great outdoors, and their lightweight Stormcloud jacket will ensure you survive the most thorough of downpours.

    £75 at Cotswold Outdoor

    Added detail: An internal 'Storm Flap' sits behind the main zip to ensure you stay dry while all around you floods

  • The Outfit 236

    MoMA t-shrit at Uniqlo

    Looking for a decent print t-shirt design? The Museum of Modern Art is a pretty good place to start. This geometric piece from Uniqlo is adorned with the abstract work of Sarah Morris - bold, blocky and better than anything else you've got in your t-shirt pile.


    Added detail: Morris' work explores "the codes and power structures of architecture and cultural symbols". It also looks good on a t-shirt.

  • The Outfit 237

    Paseo Mid-tops by Toms

    Got a festival lined up this summer? Should the weather hold (and it will) you'll be in need of some lightweight footwear with a bit of character. These Birds of Paradise mid-top trainers from TOMS are just the ticket.


    Added detail: With every pair you purchase, TOMS give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. If that's not enough incentive, they're also incredibly comfy.

  • The Outfit 238

    Tan chino shorts by River Island

    Yes, shorts. We have faith that the sun will emerge long enough to warrant them - and anyone heading to a festival isn't going to want get bogged down by muddy jeans are they? These tan numbers from River Island are versatile enough to be dressed up with a shirt once you've made it out of the fields.


    Added detail: Worried you'll lose your change in the heat of a frenzied dance? A handy coin pocket comes to the rescue.

  • The Outfit 239

    Festival ready

    Headed to a field full of music in the next few weeks? You're going to need a suitably loud outfit capable of handling the inevitable sweat, mud and rain. Just make sure you remember to pack your shower in a can, okay?

    Coat: £75

    T-Shirt: £12.90

    Shoes: £55

    Shorts: £25

  • The Outfit 240

    H by Hudson Hadstone Woven Derby

    This week's Outfit has been selected by Dana Zingher, co-founder Enclothed, a of a men's style service that uses algorithms and a human eye for detail to deliver a box of clothes carefully selected to the customer's tastes.

    Today's item is a rather smashing smart/casual shoe from Hudson.

    "This shoe uses fine tan leather, adopting the styling of a traditional formal derby but sporting a casual edge through the weave," says Zingher. "A great, versatile option."


    Added detail: A rubber sheet on the sole protects these for an extra few (hundred) miles

  • The Outfit 241

    Lee Chino in Oxblood

    Enclothed's Dana Zingher recommends an Oxblood chino for this week's smart/casual outfit.

    "The soft fabric of this chino means you'll stay comfortable all night and stand out in this sharp colour," says Zingher. "Perfect with charcoal, navy, black and brown."


    Added detail: Regular waist, slim cut with a tight foot opening - these are the optimal cut for a smart chino

  • The Outfit 242

    J Crew Harris Tweed Blazer

    If you're going to invest in one item of clothing, you'd do well to purchase a Harris Tweed blazer. It'll never go out of style, and chances are it'll outlive every other item in your wardrobe.

    "You don't get better than pure Harris Tweed," says Zingher. "Looks great with a formal or casual shirt, or even a crew-neck t-shirt."


    Added detail: This is a 'Bird's-eye' Harris Tweed, which is because it looks like a bird's eye. Nothing to do with fish fingers

  • The Outfit 243

    GANT Rugger Oxford shirt

    It's always useful to have a shirt up your sleeve (so to speak) that you can get away with in the office and the pub. An Oxford shirt does the job nicely.

    "A lightweight fabric with a bold, yet dark colour. A perfect all-rounder for day and evening dressing."


    Added detail: A tapered body and slim fit mean you might want to aim a size above your regular shirt fit for this one.

  • The Outfit 244

    Friday Ready

    This week's outfit, chosen by Enclothed co-founder Dana Zingher, has one foot firmly out of the office door. Each item can be dressed down with a plain t-shirt, or find their way into a more formal ensemble. And yes, you can get away with Oxblood chinos. You have our approval.

    Shoes: £80

    Trousers: £65

    Jacket: £550

    Shirt: £80

  • The Outfit 245

    Gaolhouse denim

    The GH-001 aren't your usual pair of slim fitting jeans. Made from 100 percent cotton, 11.5oz raw denim construction in Gaolhouse's English workshop, they were designed and developed in a one-off partnership with Her Majesty's Prison Service tailoring shop.


    Added detail: a month marker on the inner lining helps you remember your 6 month wash day

  • The Outfit 246

    Sunspel t-shirt

    The essential item of every man's wardrobe isn't a suit, shirt or shoe - it's the perfect white T. Versatile, economic and timeless, it can be dressed up with a blazer or paired with rugged worker denim. The current king of t-shirts comes from British-brand Sunspel: close fitting and unbelievably comfortable, you need this t-shirt in your arsenal.


    Added detail: Sunspel uses a long staple cotton fabric in its t-shirts, resulting in a strong, silky-smooth fabric

  • The Outfit 247

    Bellfield Reo Bomber at Topman

    When man first took to the skies, the only thing protecting him from the cold climbs of the upper atmosphere were a hardy disposition and a trusty bomber jacket. While we don't expect you'll find yourself at a similar altitude, Bellfield's Reo Bomber carries the same sense of timeless adventure. A soft suede shell, durable polyester lining and shoulder-hugging raglan sleeves make this a jacket for every occasion.


    Added detail: The rib knit trim gives the Reo a close fit without awkwardly bunching round your waist.

  • The Outfit 248

    Nike Air Max 93 'Metals' at size?

    While you won't find any platinum, iron oxide or zinc in the latest Nike Air Max 93 'Metals' range, metallic elements have been a key inspiration. Thankfully, the foot-hugging construction is made from much more conventional combinations of soft leather suede and patterned synthetic leather

    £100 exclusive to size?

    Added detail: The 93's unique neoprene tongue construction cocoons your foot from toe to ankle

  • The Outfit 249

    Casual Classics

    Our first Outfit is an assortment of casual staples: a simple pair of raw denim, the perfect white t-shirt, a novel take on an iconic trainer and a suitably retro jacket. Ideal for quiet(ish) drinks on a Thursday, each of these items will find their way into a number of your regular looks.

    Jeans: £119

    T-Shirt: £55

    Jacket: £100

    Trainers: £100


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