We tracked down the best dressed guys at London's Jacket Required menswear show

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Jamie Carson
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Do you know which guys wear good clothes? Guys who work with clothes.

Like you’d trust some bearded barista telling you that a flat white is better than a latte and a Brewdog bartender who’d rather drink acid than Carling, you can always rely on someone within the industry to heed from. This is why we scouted out the best dressed gents at London’s Jacket Required menswear trade show to find out what they’re wearing, so you can steal the look and claim it as your own.

Name: Alex Harris

Age: 27

Occupation: brand director of L.i.F.E Collective

Wearing: Noir Noir floral bomber jacket

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Name: Jimmy Jimmy (yes, so good they named him twice)

Age: 31

Occupation: musician

Wearing: Bolongaro Terevor military coat

Get an alternative look from Pretty Green

Name: John Jerrett

Instagram: @_johnjarrett

Occupation: fashion editor/stylist

Wearing: Kings of Indigo patchwork jacket

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Name: Wayne Kirven

Instagram: @firmaformen

Occupation: owner of Firma For Men in Essex

Wearing: Firma For Men coat

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Name: Antoine Caivlet

Instagram: @etwogbags

Occupation: owner of Etwog

Wearing: APC check jacket

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Name: Nueve Cincuenta

Age: 33

Occupation: restoration expert

Wearing: Army Surplus camo jacket

Get an alternative look from Carhartt WIP

Name: Eshan Kali

Instagram: @eshankali

Occupation: creative writer for We Are Outlanders

Wearing: Super Thanks X Abahouse coat (two Japanese brands we can’t find anywhere)

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Name: Salewa Fawehinmi

Occupation: studio director

Wearing: Burberry overcoat

Get an alternative look from Suit Supply

Name: Joe Bourne

Age: 33

Occupation: account manager

Wearing: Anti-Hero coach jacket

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Jamie Carson

Jamie Carson

When he’s not pretending to be on the front of an album cover, Online Style Writer Jamie Carson can probably be found criticising your fashion credentials. Follow Jamie on Twitter @_jamie89

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