How to dress like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho


While most fictional serial killers leave a lot to be sartorially desired (Kruger, Myers, Chigurh et al), American Psycho's Patrick Bateman bucks that trend. So, despite his penchant for carrying out horrific crimes, we're not too proud to say we covet his slick business style two-pieces. We asked managing director of British menswear brand Peter Werth, and all-round expert on suits, Peter Lynes how to dress like the man (chainsaws definitely not included).

"Menswear owes a debt of gratitude to Patrick Bateman’s impeccable and polished Wall Street look. Bateman was obsessed with fitting in so his look was never flamboyant. His pinstripe suit, which really makes the outfit, would probably be made to measure by Brioni.

"His cutaway collar, tailored fit shirt could easily be one of the trademark Richard James styles. He’d probably have one in every colour - blue stripes, navy gingham, yellow dots – one for every fit of pique.

"His printed tie would be from Alfred Dunhill, with his footwear from Thom Browne. Hidden in his pocket, would be a pair of razor sharp rounded Oliver Peoples glasses."

Suit by Brioni; £ 3487.00;

Shirt by Richard James; £185;

Tie by Alfred Dunhil; £85;

Shoes by Thom Browne; £592;

Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck glasses; from £235;

(Images: All Star)


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