The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014

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The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 14

Wristwear. What does yours say about you?

If you own anything on the following list of the year's coolest watches, then we respect your taste. You're either a tech genius (check out the steampunk digital watch that's powered by a single AA battery), a 1970s Japanese sci-fi buff (with a huge bank balance), or a charitable type with one eye on preserving the environment (i.e. you own the one watch in this list that's made of wood).

The past year has seen dozens of inventive, and occasionally barmy, ideas realised in horological form. Take a gander and see what you think...

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014


    The Flux Capacitor Wristwatch

    What is it? The Flux Capacitor wristwatch is an extremist piece of geek-chic merchandise. Mimicking the time-travel device from the Back To The Future films, it tells you the time via a series of flashing lights, and the date via its digital display.

    Where can I get it? The original stock on has sold out, so you may have to have a root around on eBay.

    Cost: $49.99 (£32).

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 1


    The Japanese Sci-Fi Watch

    What is it? Everything about this watch is crazy. The craziness of its name - MB&F Horological Machine No.6 Space Pirate - is surpassed only be the craziness of its £145,000 price tag. Then there's the way it looks - like a baby robot from a batteries not included* reboot - which is inspired by Japanese science fiction of the 1970s.

    Where can I get it? The limited edition of 100 (only 50 of which will be made with a titanium casing) are available to buy here.

    Cost: £145,000, please.

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 2


    Bell & Ross B-Rocket Watch

    What is it? The two watches on your left were created as companion pieces to this special edition motorbike. The designs reflect the bike's sleek, retrofuturistic vibe effortlessly.

    Where can I get it? Best to give Bell & Ross a visit.

    Cost: £POA.

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 3


    The World's First Atomic Watch

    What is it? Bathys' Cesium 133 is the world's first atomic watch. This year, the little-known Hawaiian manufacturer managed to condense an atomic clock into something you can wear on your wrist.

    Where can I get it? Bathys' Kickstarter was successfully funded in May this year. You'll have to get in touch with them directly to find out how to buy.

    Cost: £3,500.

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 4


    The Uno 24 Neo

    What is it? Botta Design single-handedly changed the way we think about watches this year. Their Uno 24 Neo is a chic, minimalist take on traditional wristwear.

    Where can I get it? Try the Botta Design store.

    Cost: £280.


  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 5


    Fiona Krüger’s SKULL Watch

    What is it? An ornate bit of engineering from Scottish designer Fiona Krüger. This Swiss-built watch draws its inspiration from Mexico’s Day Of The Dead festival and Mary Queen Of Scots, who apparently owned something similar (we’re not joking).

    Where can I get it? At Fiona’s website.

    Cost: £10,000.

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 6


    The Davindici Tourbillon Barometer Wristwatch

    What is it? It's a very expensive, very exclusive watch with a barometer - the most useless of all the beautiful archaic devices - also included.

    Where can I get it? Erm, here's a link to the "Contact us" bit on the Davindici website. Don't start the bidding higher than a tenner, and hold your nerve. Good luck.

    Cost: Realistically? About £100,000.

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 7


    The Jaeger-LeCoultre Meteorite Stone Dial

    What is it? A revamped Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar watch that has A FACE MADE OF METEORITE.

    Where can I get it? Pay the manufacturer's website a visit.

    Cost: £7,000 for the steel edition, £14,000 for the gold.

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 8


    The Autodromo Stradale

    What is it? A luxury piece inspired by Italian sportscars of the 1950s and 1960s. (Stradale means "road-going" in Italian.)

    Where can I get it? You can view all three colour schemes - brown strap/cream dial, burgundy strap/black dial, blue strap/gray dial - by clicking here.

    Cost: £525

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 9


    The Chronode VFD

    What is it? The ultimate steampunk wristwatch. Conceived and built by Brooklyn-based freelance electrical engineer John De Cristofaro, the Chronode muches through Duracells at a rate of one every 10 hours. Still, it looks awesome.

    Where can I get it? You'll need to contact John.

    Cost: £POA


  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 10


    The World Time Moon Watch

    What is it? Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe celebrated its 175th anniversary this year by releasing World Time Moon. The watch face displays 24 different international time zones, as well as a high-detail representation of the moon itself.

    Where can I get it? The Patek site should be your first port of call.

    Cost: Around £32,000

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 11


    The MB&F HM5 CarbonMacrolon Watch

    What is it? The HM5 is the slightly less mad, but still quite mad, cousin of the MB&F Horological Machine No.6 Space Pirate we mentioned earlier. Instead of taking their inspiration from 1970s Japanese science fiction, this time MB&F have sought to emulate supercars. Yep, that's why it's got that ornate slatted back that looks like a Lamborghini's rear window. It also has an "exhaust" that helps keep water out of the casing.

    Where can I get it? Remortgage your flat, open your wallet and head to MB&F.

    Cost: £39,000.

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 12


    The MVMT Collection

    What is it? Finally, this list offers you something stylish and affordable. And not mad. The pieces in MVMT's 2014 collection use Miyota Japanese quartz, which is extremely reliable, and all look superb.

    Where can I get it? MVMT's site.

    Cost: £65-£100 (inc. free international shipping)

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 13


    The SPGBK Wooden Watch

    What is it? A sleek and stylish watch, partly made with recycled maple wood. Each watch bought sees the manufacturer make a donation to charity, too.

    Where can I get it?

    Cost: £50.

  • The 15 Coolest Watches Of 2014 14


    Van Cleef & Arpels' Complication Poétique Midnight Planetarium Watch

    What is it? A watch that not only tells you the time, but tells you the exact whereabouts of the planets. Which is, y'know, handy.

    Where can I get it?

    Cost: £We're Too Scared To Ask


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