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Botta Design's Elegant Single Hand Watch

Botta Design's Elegant Single Hand Watch

Botta Design's Elegant Single Hand Watch

What's go a split face, one hand and 24 marks? No, it's not a fairytale villain, but rather the equally fantastical new watch from Botta Design.

Without a minute or second hand, the UNO 24 NEO isn't a conventional analogue watch. Seeking a minimalist solution to illustrating the course of a day to the wearer, the UNO has a single, extended hour hand - which practically scrapes the edge of its 40mm case. This need for this needle-like arm is owing to the 24 hour markers, surrounding the watch's face: you're going to need to stare pretty closes to work out if it's 12:45 or 12:48.  

The watch makes one full rotation a day (obviously), with midnight occupying the conventional six o'clock position. The lower half of the face is shaded a fraction darker than the upper, indicating the nocturnal hours it represents and giving an interesting perspective of how many hours of your night you've got left. 

Built with finely brushed stainless steel and weighing in at only 43 grams due to its slight construction, you can pick up the UNO 24 NEO in a range of grey and off-white designs, with either metal or leather straps.

Available for £280, you can pick one up from the Botta Design online store

(Images: Botta Design)

[Via: Freshness Mag]